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After 2 years of absence from #SIA2022, GRDF does not miss the opportunity to go there to promote green gas while challenging visitors to the show… by betting on insults.

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The 58th edition of the Salon de l’Agriculture, which focuses on “real” reunions, will focus above all on innovation from February 26 to March 6. This edition should be particularly publicized with the arrival of the presidential elections, and the two years of absence linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The show, which offers new photos and sequences every year, should still be talked about.

An appointment not to be missed for GRDF, manager of gas distribution in France, which has decided to surround itself with its advertising agency Rosa Paris, to appeal to the general public in order to develop the notoriety of green gas, an energy which the group describes as “a future with many advantages”.

The creative system set up at #SIA2022 by Rosa Paris and GRDF is based on the signature “choosing green gas is choosing the future”. This energy is renewable and is produced from the fermentation of waste from livestock effluents and crop residues. Moreover, it is a renewable energy and 100% Made in France. In addition to allowing people to use it daily to live, green gas represents a source of income for farmers. 100% winning for the planet, the farmers, and the French people.

To promote all this, the Rosa Paris agency and GRDF have chosen to hijack the insults “Dumier” and “Ordure” in particular, to challenge visitors to the fact that they are more than insults, they are materials necessary for the production of an energy of the future.

A creative device to be found until March 6 on the GRDF stand (Pavilion 4 n°B027) as well as on the North and West doors of the same Pavilion.

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