Gorbachev could not forgive himself for not saving his beloved

He was waiting for his dead wife to shake his hand to say goodbye

She calls Clinton and Schroeder to find the best doctors, but she dies 2 days before the bone marrow transplant

They lose their first child because they have to choose between him and Raisa

“His soul has found peace. Gorbachev has finally gone to his Raisa,” said close friends of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who died on August 30. The reason is that he never got over the death of his wife, whom he loved with all his heart. In one of his books dedicated to her, Gorbachev admits that he will never forgive himself for not being able to do everything to save his beloved.

“Raisa was for me

the woman I loved – wrote Gorbachev. – We were friends. We supported each other in everything, we took care of each other. I cannot forgive myself for only one thing: that I could not protect my closest person – prevent trouble. Again and again I returned to the last night I spent with Raisa alive – September 19-20, 1999. She died at 2 hours and 57 minutes. He died without feeling pain – he was in a coma. We couldn’t say our last goodbyes to each other. I remember the torments that fate gave her.”

Raisa suffered from a severe form of blood cancer. She was diagnosed on July 21. In just two and a half months, the disease defeated her, and the Soviet president was left devastated. She expired two days before the transplant of stem cells taken from her sister Lyudmila’s bone marrow and 5 days before they celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.

In fact, the two did not suspect anything about the development of the aggressive disease, because at the beginning of 1999, Raisa had preventive examinations and her results were more than excellent. And for the first time the red signal that something was wrong went off in Foros, where on August 18, 1991 they were interned and isolated from the outside world.

Then Raisa probably suffered a microstroke. Suddenly she lost her ability to speak and her right hand went numb.

“I remembered her eyes in those minutes (I still see them now). There was fear, a request in them – wrote Mikhail Gorbachev in his book. – Then with the efforts of the doctors and the participation of the daughter Irina and son-in-law Anatoly (also doctors) they managed

to take her out

from the crisis

although immediately after our return to Moscow he had to go into hospital mode again. Then her wandering around doctors began. Hemorrhage first in the retina of one eye and then the other, severe loss of vision, insomnia, depression – it all happened at once.”

So over the years various health ailments appeared for Raisa until July 1999, when the two began planning their vacation, but she developed severe lower back pain.

At first they thought she had a cold, but they did more serious tests, but they did not identify the cause of her deterioration. Her pain increased and she began to have difficulty moving. A bone marrow puncture showed that he had a severe form of blood cancer.

Gorbachev immediately sought help from US President Bill Clinton and German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, and the same day he received an invitation from both of them to treat Raisa. However, he decided to take her to the Germans because the flight was shorter. The pains intensified.

“She asked me to help her,” the president continued.

you are quiet

I pulled my hand away

Raisa asked me not to leave her. I told her that my back hurt, and she joked: “Gorbachev, Gorbachev, you used to carry me in your arms, and now you can’t even hold me.” That was true. But it was a long time ago. She was lighter and I was stronger.”

For three hours, the luminaries in oncology discussed how they could save Gorbachev’s beloved. They decide to give her a bone marrow transplant, taking stem cells from her sister Lyudmila. However, her condition deteriorates sharply and Raisa falls into a coma.

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