Glass Onion Becomes One of Netflix’s 10 Most Popular Movies

Available since December 23 on Netflix, Glass Onion: A story at loggerheads got off to a great start: Benoît Blanc’s new investigation has accumulated 209.4 million hours watched in 10 short days.


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Benoit Blanc Superstar

In detail, the Rian Johnson film logged 127.25 million hours in its first full week (from December 26 to January 1), to which are added the 82.1 million hours of these first three days (from December 23 to 25).

In addition to squatting the top of the ranking of the platform’s most viewed feature films, Glass Onion does it in style and burst into the streaming service’s top 10 most viewed movies, passing the 209.2 million hours of The Kissing Booth 2.

In its list of the most popular productions, Netflix takes into account the hours viewed in the first 28 days of broadcast. If today he is 10th in the standings, Glass Onion still has plenty of time to climb the list. In the line of sight, the three most popular films of the platform which are bird box (282 million hours watched), Don’t Look Up (359 million) and Red Notice (364 million).

Here is the ranking of the 10 most popular Netflix movies:

  • 10 – Glass Onion: A story at loggerheads : 209.2 million
  • 9 – The Irishman : 214.5 million
  • 8 – The Unforgivable : 214.7 million
  • 7 – Purple Hearts : 228.6 million
  • 6 – Extraction : 231.3 million
  • 5 – Adam through time : 233.1 million
  • 4 – The Gray Man : 253.8 million
  • 3 – bird box : 282 million
  • 2 – Don’t Look Up : 359.7 million
  • 1 – Red Notice : 364 million

As a reminder, Glass Onion is the sequel to the movie At loggerheads, public and critical success of 2019, and which had revitalized the “whodunit”, this kind of police investigation with twists and turns. The two films feature the investigations of detective Benoît Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, and offer finely written stories, clever production, and a gallery of colorful characters embodied by a five-star cast.

Whether At loggerheads hit theaters, Netflix spent $450 million to acquire the film’s two sequels. After Glass Oniona third investigation should therefore arrive on the streaming platform in the coming years.

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