Getting started with the Vivo X Fold+: a most interesting folding smartphone

Vivo X Fold+

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Vivo’s latest folding model is in France and we had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with it. The X Fold+ is a new version of the X Fold, which incorporates a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. A powerful smartphone that is damn desirable, but which, like any Chinese folding model, is not about to arrive here.

Although a little heavy (311 g), it has an excellent finish with a faux leather back that is very pleasant to the touch. This rear face also houses a fairly imposing photo island, but whose alignment of modules should deliver quality shots, like the X80 Pro. Still on the outside, let’s salute the 6.53-inch Oled panel, which occupies a good part of the available surface. The 21:9 format here leads to a somewhat elongated and complicated smartphone for one-handed use, but it is still more interesting than the 23.1:9 format chosen by Samsung for its latest Z Fold 4.

The rear benefits from an excellent finish.

The rear benefits from an excellent finish.

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Inside, the X Fold + has an 8.03-inch Oled screen in an almost square format. The grip is very good, but what amazed us is right in the middle of the slab. The crease is fairly invisible with the display on, even from the least flattering angles. A nice feat that is reminiscent of Xiaomi’s Mix Fold 2. Under the finger, she does not feel for a single second, which is impressive.

The software interface is not to be outdone with Origin OS Ocean, an interface exclusive to Asia – in France, the company’s smartphones run on FunTouch OS. Unfortunately for us, the software was in Chinese, but that didn’t stop us from discovering it. We particularly liked the widgets. The chosen design, the space occupied or the features offered are well thought out. Special mention to the Photo panel which displays the different focal lengths for quick access.

Even if it weighs the weight of a tennis racket, this X Fold+ seems to be a great success. Too bad the smartphone did not find a release date with us since it is certain that it would have met with a small success. If more manufacturers dared the adventure of folding outside their countries, this would greatly contribute to the democratization of technology. But so far, we can only see that Samsung has a stranglehold on the matter and everything else is just a matter of Proof of concept.

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