Germany is actually handling the energy crisis very well

The graph clearly and distinctly shows that Germany is not only a net exporter, but also earns well from it, as the record will be 2022, with revenues to date of 3 billion euros, and the year is not over yet. Of course, this is mainly because of the increased energy prices. It should be noted that 2015 saw the lowest gas consumption for electricity production, and the highest energy export (53 TWh) was in 2017.

This dispels all speculations that gas consumption increases with each new RES, due to the need for balancing and that Germany sells cheap and buys expensive, which can be seen very well from Fig.3 that in most of the years, even the average prices of exports are higher than those of imports.

What’s happening and what’s coming up in the near term

There is constant talk about how Germany is starting up coal plants, how it is turning back on coal, how it will almost certainly have a power regime because of green policies and what not.

But what is the reality? Germany has an overcapacity of manufacturing facilities. With a maximum consumption of 75-80 GW, only fossil and nuclear are 75 GW, and with the rest – all 222 GW. In other words, talk of current mode will not come from the lack of powers. Of course, given the difficult situation with the French reactors, everything can be expected at the level of the European market, and accordingly the price will be a serious factor.

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