Germany has called on Qatar to abolish the death penalty against homosexuals

Germany called on the Qatari ambassador to cooperate with the immediate cancellation of the death sentence against homosexuals in the country, the AP agency reports, quoted by BTA. This happened at a human rights congress organized by the German Football Association just two months before the start of the World Cup.

German fan representative Dario Minden addressed Ambassador Abdullah bin Mohammed din Saud Al Thani in Frankfurt: “I’m a man and I like men. It’s true. Don’t be shocked that I have sex with other men. It’s normal. Please get used to it or just stay away from football. The most important rule in this sport is that it’s for everyone, whether you’re gay or lesbian. It’s for everyone. Boys, girls and everyone in between “.

Minden continued: “I call for you to abolish the death penalty. Abolish all punishments that violate equality in sexuality and gender identity. For us, the rule that football is for everyone is important. We cannot allow you to violate it, no matter how rich you are. You are more than welcome to the international football community and to host a major tournament, but the sport is different. You have to accept the rules.”

Al Thani was given the opportunity to respond later, and his comment could not be recorded. Only the first 90 minutes of the federation’s congress were televised, and access to it was forbidden to journalists.

The spokesman of the federation, Steffen Zimon, said that this was not a decision of the organization. However, he added that they had “received requests from many participants for an internal discussion on this matter and the federation will respect their wish”.

Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ansari, the tournament’s security coordinator, previously told The Associated Press that rainbow flags would be removed from fans for their own safety.

Al Ansari claimed that LGBTQ couples were welcome in Qatar for the world finals, even though same-sex relationships are prohibited by law in the country.

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