German edition: Bulgaria in Schengen

The German newspaper “Die Welt” has obtained access to information about the irregularities along the Bulgarian border with Turkey, which is also an external border of the EU. It is about poisoned food, uncontrolled ships from Russia and holes in the fences, we read at the beginning of the extensive article.

Author Philipp Folkman-Schluk, foreign policy editor at the newspaper, recalls that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently recommended that Bulgaria enter Schengen as quickly as possible. And he commented: “Yes, the call from the chancellorship is aimed at uniting Europe at a time when Russia threatens it. But the German chancellor’s assessment that all the conditions for complete freedom of movement have been met raises serious questions,” he wrote.Mother well“.

“Severe problems along this all-important border”

The author recalls that elections are coming up in Bulgaria, in which, according to him, the security of the important external European border is also at stake. He clarifies that the issue will be resolved whether the anti-corruption movement “Continuing the change” will enter the government again or whether the former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov will return to power.

“During his administration, serious problems arose along this very important border of Europe with the countries of the Middle East and Asia. The Kapitan Andreevo border crossing, one of the busiest food control points in the world, which has long been infamous for drug and human trafficking has apparently been in the hands of a network of mobsters and politicians for more than a decade. And the EU has done nothing much about it,” we read in the German newspaper.

The author tells about the efforts of the “Petkov” cabinet to solve the problem and about the threats against a member of the government. According to him, the government was probably overthrown also because it attacked established networks and politicians who feared the loss of attractive business projects. “Currently in power is a caretaker government of President Radev, who we can consider an opponent of reforms aimed at transparency and the rule of law,” commented Folkman-Shluk.

The journalist, who already talked to Kiril Petkov once in May, has now interviewed him again. In this interview, the former prime minister gave new details about the situation along the border, which could become a risk for the whole of Europe if a corrupt government comes to power in Sofia again.

Further on in the article we read: “Even at the beginning of our mandate, we noticed that corruption leads to problems at the border as well,” says Kiril Petkov. For example, for years, ships have docked without control at the Black Sea port “Rosenets” – that is, in the EU. The Lukoil company maintains an oil refinery there – and only there can crude oil be unloaded. For a small lease fee, “under 1 million euros a year”, the state has given the management entirely to the company, which is controlled by Moscow”.

“I was shocked”

The author also dwells on the migration pressure from Turkey, on illegal migration, on the death of the two policemen and quotes the former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov with a criticism of the quality of the border facility, paid for with a lot of tax money by his predecessor Boyko Borisov. After briefly summarizing the plot with the “Captain Andreevo” border crossing and “Eurolab”, the article continues as follows: “Petkov says: “I was shocked when I visited the border for the first time as prime minister. (…) Poisoned fruits and vegetables have reached the whole of Europe, probably even to the plates of our own children.”

In the interview with the German newspaper, the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria expressed the hope that Germany would help in the fight against corruption along the border. Petkov also says that during his 7-month rule, the holes along the border were plugged. And he assures that if the PP comes to power again, every truck and every ship entering the EU will be properly inspected.


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