“Gazprom” refuses to supply us with the agreed quantities of gas

After there was almost no person left in our country who did not understand gas, today things went to the legal field. The tone for the song was set not by anyone but the minister of war. He had the feeling that in arbitration we would lose the case with Gazprom. After him, the misunderstanding – the Minister of Energy broke down:

“If anyone still doesn’t understand, I will explain now to make it clear. Our contract with Gazprom is for the supply of 3 billion m3/year. Of this, 80% must be taken or paid for. We are in danger “Gazprom” to condemn us for more than 1 billion dollars in fines…”

Until yesterday, he was not aware of the unit of measurement for gas, but… today he is also sure that Gazprom will condemn us.

At the same time, both of them are not aware that we are not taking because there is nothing to take. “Gazprom” refuses to supply us with the agreed quantities of gas.

Every God’s day, “Bulgargaz” duly fulfills its obligations under the contract. I repeat, EVERY CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

And when they next talk to you about gas prices from here, the base of comparison is $175/MWh. Every cent above that price we had to pay would be a “thank you” to this whole horde…

Defending the other side can only happen in a poor country, poor…

The price on the TTF-Netherlands exchange, gas is already trading at €316/MWh.

Respectively, Russian gas would cost us only 232€/MWh.

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