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The football player of Slavia Galin Ivanov was selected as Player #1 of the sixth round in the native efbet League. Upon receiving the award, he spoke about the current state of the “whites”, about the young footballers and the national team.

“Of course the positive results give us confidence. Three wins away, we haven’t played at our ground yet due to other circumstances, you know them. We have young guys who are starting to get into a rhythm, they have a lot of quality. I hope we win not only away, but also at home.”

“Slavia is close to my heart. I’ve been there since I was 19. Where I go, what I do, I always come back to Slavia. I love Slavia, it is my place, and it is close to us. I go to training with my bike” (laughs).

“A lot of things happened to the national team. They wanted young footballers, we saw what happened to them. Of course, if I am called up, I will do my best for the national team. I’ve had some pretty good games before, but never got a summon. Let the young play.”

“There are those who think they know everything. The majority inquire, listen, absorb. They hear what we tell them and take lessons. It should not only be with the young, but also with the experienced. Along with the experienced ones, they need to develop because they are not yet ready for Group A, not to mention the national team, the Champions League or the Europa League. You see what kind of players there are. At the age of 20, they are playing in the Champions League final, winning matches. They are young at 16-17 years old, after that they are experienced.”

Anton Uzunov

“Honestly, I didn’t have any particular footballer to follow. When I went to Slavia, I had a lot of respect from Dancho Petkov, who was then the captain of the team. Not only me, everyone respected him. He was a bit tougher on us, which is not that he’s gone, but the more experienced ones aren’t allowed to do that, because the younger ones will call mum and dad or the president and complain.”

“It’s the same philosophy, there is no other model. That’s how things go. After the return of Zagorcic, Slavia is doing well. With these players, Slavia finished sixth last year. This year I hope he will be further in the ranking. You know that Slavia does not flaunt a large budget, does not pay large salaries. He forces juniors from the club, gives a chance and thus supports himself, sells football players. One appeal to young footballers, if they want to go abroad: they must be in Slavia. To start training at school, to develop and go to a better place, because this is a chance for them that they should take advantage of.”

“Yes, they disrupted our preparations. Two days before the match we were told that there would be no match. You prepare all week and suddenly they tell you that there will be no match, which is not right. This thing needs to be fixed. There are other people who have to decide these things. It’s not nice like that. It’s not just us, there were other teams like that too. I hope this does not happen again.”

“CSKA is waiting for a tough match, but I hope they will win.” I wish luck to Ludogorets as well. Hope they get into the groups. After all, we are Bulgarians and we must support our teams in Europe. Let’s not spit on them and cross our fingers that they don’t qualify. On the contrary, it should be the opposite and more people should do it if we want to go together and develop the sport, the country and we are all good”.

He also commented on the incident with the many postponed matches due to the European tournaments.

“It would have been better if they had stopped the championship and let’s see who will qualify where, and then move on. Look, I’m not against postponing games, but let’s say a week or two in advance. We can’t find out one day before the game that we won’t play. Let’s wait to see if they win or not and then decide. This is not right,” said Galin Ivanov.

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