Fyodor collected him from the bars, got him out of prison and took him to Japan, but only talent did not reach Sasha

Alexander Emelianenko enjoys the status of a legend in Russia. But is it deserved, as we can certainly say about his brother – Fyodor? Many things are needed for this status, but above all successes, which, as surprising as it may be for some, Sasha does not have.

According to some, Alexander is the more talented of the two brothers, but from a young age he staggered with alcohol and at one point fought more with ordinary citizens in bars than in the ring. In an attempt to get his brother out of the hole, Fyodor takes him with him to Japan, where Sasha has his best fighting years, but then everything goes downhill again. And even Fyodor can no longer save him.

Alexander Emelianenko fails to meet all the expectations for himself and he himself fails his enormous talent, choosing inappropriate fights both in the ring and outside. And his legend status, as he has in Russia and among some MMA fans, is seriously exaggerated.

In his teenage years, Sasha has many advantages over the older Fedor – he is taller, more athletic and in excellent health. But Alexander squandered his talent, was not satisfied with sports and was looking for something more.

“What have you achieved in life? That you are some kind of master of sports? What do you have, how do you support yourself?”, Sasha once asked his brother. Even then, the huge difference in the characters of the two can be seen.

Fedya tries to pull his brother out of the criminal world, but fails. During a bar fight, someone breaks a champagne bottle over his head. He gets away with it, but Sasha doesn’t see it that way. The next day, he snatches the cigarette out of his hand and leaves the emergency room himself.

When he was only 18, Alexander went to prison. Years later, it remains unclear exactly what crime Sasha was convicted of, as he himself denies going behind bars at such a young age, but there is plenty of circumstantial evidence of it. According to many Russian sources, the younger brother Emelianenko was sentenced to five years in prison, but was released after three and a half years.

“Fyodor was talking about how his brother was in prison and needed help, he was saying he was there because of some youthful stupidity – says the former coach of the two brothers, Nikolay Pitkov. – We asked boxers from Belgorod – respectable guys – to find lawyers and help him get out early. They said he could get out on bail, but that the lawyer would have to pay. We told everything to Fyodor and he said he was ready to pay.”

Subsequently, Alexander completed his higher education in Belogorod.

After breaking him out of prison, Fyodor takes his younger brother under his wing. He took him to Japan, where he entered the top MMA organization at the beginning of the new century – “Pride”. It is there that Fyodor impresses the whole world, the public and the heads of the organization adore him, which is why they are ready to welcome Sasha with open arms.

In Japan, Alexander also spent his best sports years, but did he really record any serious successes to earn the status of a legend, as his brother deservedly did? Even before his real drinking problems erupted, how many top opponents did Sasha beat and what did he manage to do to be seen as a top naked MMA fighter?

The Russian spent three years in Japan. Between 2003 and 2006, Sasha had 11 matches in “Pride” – his “golden” period in mixed martial arts. He then returns to Russia, where he is far from impressive. Compared to his brother, who is doing some otherworldly things in the world of MMA, Sasha doesn’t really shine, let alone deserve legendary status.

Fyodor continues to support his brother in Japan, but at one time he is fed up with his harmful habits. Alexander breaks the regime, misses training, and in his fourth professional MMA match, he chooses the great Mirko KroCop as his opponent. The Croatian kickboxing and MMA legend won by knockout in the first round after a heavy head kick and several finishing blows.

Fyodor is against his brother’s decision to confront KroCop.

“Mirko had lost to (Kevin) Randelman (against whom he had one of Fedor’s greatest victories since that brutal suplex) and Sasha tried to take advantage of his opportunity, even though the rest of us were against it because we knew great how little effort he puts into training – says Fyodor. –

We tried to dissuade him, but Sasha did not train, instead of losing weight, she gained weight; his speed was lacking. During the build-up to the match, I looked for him in various bars and each time I found him with a glass in his hand. He even released a beer belly and everyone saw the result.”

Losing to CroCop is no surprise. During his time in Japan, Alexander also lost the rest of his fights against top opponents such as Josh Barnett and Fabricio Werdum. The only big match he managed to win was against Sergey Kharitonov, which was also his most serious success in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Meanwhile Alexander is merciless against his weaker opponents. It is no coincidence that his MMA record is 28-9-1. Perhaps the most impressive victory of his career – the one that made him an Internet celebrity – was against the giant James Thompson – almost 2 m tall and weighing over 120 kg.

Despite being pumped up to the point of insanity, the bodybuilder, who had learned MMA while watching DVDs, had no chance against the three-time World Combat Sambo champion. Thompson started the match extremely aggressively, throwing himself directly at Sasha. After the initial shock, the Russian regained his position and quickly knocked out his opponent.

This victory is extremely well received in Russia. The Russian public likes to create such heroes, especially after victories against Western giants such as Colossus, as James is nicknamed.

After the breakup of Pride, the two brothers go their separate ways. Fyodor went on to fight in America’s Affliction and Strikeforce, along with many other Pride fighters, while Alexander returned to Russia, where he began competing in the M-1 organization. Although he was only 26 at the time, the career of the younger Emelianenko gradually began to decline, which continues to this day, 15 years longer.

The latest example of this came a few days ago when Sasha was knocked out just 13 seconds into his match with Vyacheslav Datsik. Knowing him, the fans immediately assumed that the loss would lead to new drinking binges for Alexander, but he tried to calm them down and asked for a rematch.

“He who does nothing is not wrong. This is a sport. Many of you thought that Datsik was a random fighter. Now you see that he is a good fighter. I will talk to promoters to get revenge. Thank you for supporting me Emelianenko said in a video on social networks. –

I draw conclusions from all your comments and from my actions. I’ll keep training. Most importantly, I don’t drink. Do not worry. I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I will continue to work and prepare. I gave up alcohol.”

In 2015, Sasha had new problems with the law. The fighter was convicted of raping the maid Polina Stepanova. Alexander received a sentence of four and a half years and a fine of one thousand dollars. After a little more than a year, however, he was free again.

For all his shenanigans, convictions, drinking problems and squandering of his talent, Alexander continues to be an extremely large figure in Russia. Despite never winning a single major title throughout his MMA career and failing to even come close to his brother’s greatness, he was able to make the most of the Emelianenko name to do exactly what he once stood for accused Fedor – of making a living with his hands in the ring.


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