From Munich they continue to reveal the dirty laundry, Lewandowski is again in the sights – Germany

From Munich they continue to reveal the dirty laundry, Lewandowski is again in the sights – Germany

Robert Lewandowski left Bayern this summer for Barcelona, ​​but in Germany they can’t seem to accept the loss of the Bundesliga’s biggest star, so they try to write and say as many bad things about him as possible.

Apparently, Robert Lewandowski wasn’t exactly the most popular in the Bayern squad. At least that’s what “Sport Bild” thinks, which reports on the conflict between the Pole and Leroy Sane.

Also in this text, the epithet “egoist” is attached to Lewandowski’s name.

There was speculation that Lewandowski was not on the best of terms with coach Julian Nagelsmann. But it turned out that he had friction with some of the players.

“The Pole was not as popular in the dressing room as he appeared to be on the pitch. There are rumors that Lewandowski did not enjoy the best reputation and that he was considered selfish.” Sport Bild journalist Christian Falk revealed that the Pole had a conflict with Sane. There is much speculation that the internal conflict has influenced fluctuations in the form of the German national.

Falk even quoted Sane: “I met a lot of selfish players at Bayern. And I always thought Arjen Robben was the biggest egoist, but then Robert Lewandowski came along.”

However, Lewandowski is Bayern’s past and Barcelona’s present and future, where he still fits in.

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