Fremantle great comments on Dockers trade talk

Paul Hasleby wonders what his former club Fremantle will do this trade period.

There is constant speculation regarding the Dockers who are believed to be intent on luring Luke Jackson back to Western Australia from Melbourne.

In order to do that, they would need to clear some money from their salary cap by moving on to some handsomely remunerated players.

Those in question are Rory Lobb and Blake Acres who continued to be linked with potential off-season departures.

Hasleby has cast his thoughts forward to what might occur at the Dockers as they strive to bring in a player who many have described as a generational talent.

“They are clearing the decks, so to speak, to try and get Luke Jackson,” Hasleby said on SEN WA’s The Run Home.

“They don’t know what the price could be and we’ve gone through that a number of times. From a salary cap perspective, it could cost a lot.

“What I do know is some of the players at Freo have been on really good money and they’ve underperformed in that time.

“I’m talking about Blake Acres and I’m also talking about Rory Lobb. They are playing great this year, but it hasn’t always been the case.

“Why would you reward them too early with a contract? It’s in their rights to have a good look around, to see what their market value is. ”

Hasleby also commented on Griffin Logue, who is reportedly keen to remain a Docker, but comes out of contract this year and is so far yet to re-sign.

The ex-Freo midfielder feels there could be a few clubs keen on 24-year-old Logue who has played both back and forward under Justin Longmuir this year, but would the Dockers want to keep him?

It all depends on the price.

“I think Logue would love to stay at Fremantle,” he added.

“But they’ve got themselves into a tough position now because they didn’t act early.

“Sometimes you can get rid of all that trade talk just by signing a player. Here’s a fair contract that wasn’t forthcoming.

“Now other clubs are seeing that he’s gettable and they’d be happy to give him a four-year deal on better money then Fremantle is willing to give right now.

“Logue has gone forward and has been pretty important as a forward when they needed him, then he’s gone back with Alex Pearce being out.

“I just worry that down the track something could happen to Alex Pearce, who just recently signed for three years, and they’re left vulnerable if they don’t have Griffin Logue still on the list.

“They would love to keep him, but at what price?

“The unknown is what price is Jackson? So they’re keeping Lobb and it looks like Logue up their sleeve. In regards to Acres, that could be the case. ”

The likes of Joel Hamling and Connor Blakely are also being linked with a Dockers exit this year.

“Joel Hamling is the one that’s out of favor at the moment,” Hasleby said further.

“If you’re Joel Hamling’s management, you’re looking around right now and you’re trying to get out of that club because your opportunities have been hard to come by.

“Then you’ve got Blakely who has been well-paid for three years, but basically hasn’t played for three years.

“He’d be looking around for another club, but I’m not sure it’s going to be forthcoming at this point in time.”


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