Freed from Russian captivity: They stabbed me with a knife and asked – “do you want a beautiful or a quick death”

British prisoner released from Russia says he was ‘treated worse than a dog’ and held in isolation for five months. Aidan Aslin has returned to the UK after being held in Ukraine for months by Russian forces.

He told The Sun that after being stabbed, he was asked if he wanted a “quick or beautiful death.” Aslin added that the prisoners had to sing the Russian national anthem every morning.

“And if you don’t sing it, you will be punished for it. They will beat you up,” he said.

Photo: Facebook/Aiden Aslin

The former prisoner claimed he was stabbed and beaten while in captivity because of his tattoos. Aslin shared how he was stabbed in the back.

“I knew there was a very high possibility that I would be killed. I was asked by a Russian: “Do you want a quick or a beautiful death”. Then I said “hurry up” and he replied: “You will have a beautiful death and I will take care of it,” he added.

The British prisoner emphasized that he was kept in a cell with four other people, which itself was intended for two people.

“I had to sleep on a bed infested with lice. We couldn’t go to the toilet properly because we didn’t have a toilet. We had to use empty bottles,” he said.

Aslin explained that for three weeks they ate only scraps of bread and water that they prayed for.

Last week, 10 people were released following a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine.


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