Four wash arms on the LG LDPH7972S dishwasher

The 2023 edition of CES has not yet started as the first announcements begin to fall. LG has just unveiled a whole series of household appliances, including a new dishwasher with four wash arms responsible for spraying every corner of the tank. This technology is not the prerogative of Korean, which has however improved it slightly. In fact, according to the data sheet, in the orange part of the arms, air is mixed with water and detergent to create foam and improve the washing results. All this is reminiscent of the EcoBubble system used at Samsung, but in washing machines.

The LDPH7972S is the first LG dishwasher equipped with this technology called QuadWash Pro. But this model with a capacity of 15 covers has other advantages, including an upper basket system adjustable on three levels to facilitate storage. Another little extra, steam nozzles in the tank should help to better deal with difficult stains such as melted cheese on gratin dishes, for example, but also to better dry the dishes. Moreover, to provide even better drying results (on plastics, in particular), LG has provided the LDPH7972S with a fan blowing hot air. On the other hand, there is no trace of zeolite, this volcanic rock which releases heat when it stores humidity and which Siemens uses on many dishwashers.

The front of the LDPH7972S is very sober and only an electronic segment display indicates the time remaining when the dishwasher is running. The control panel is therefore located on the upper edge of the door and it is thanks to it that the user sets up his washing cycle. This interface is not the only one that can be used. Indeed, as is already the case for many other household appliances, this dishwasher can be paired with a smartphone equipped with the LG ThinQ home application. It is therefore possible to program your device remotely, to monitor water and electricity consumption, to have a virtual user manual or access to simplified after-sales service. Good point, LG has also provided special cycles to download for specific needs; this option is already present on some of the brand’s washing machines.

For the moment, no date of marketing in France nor any price have been communicated. However, the LDPH7972S can already be found in North America, and it takes a little over $1,000 to get it.

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