Four participants from “The Voice of Bulgaria” conquered the world ranking The Best of The Voice on YouTube

As many as 4 performances from the castings in the dark in the ninth season of “The Voice of Bulgaria” entered the world ranking of “The best performances this week on The Voice” on the global YouTube channel of the music show.

Boris Lapshov, Sylvie Philip, Kaloyan Nikolov and Elizabeth Zaharieva enjoy worldwide fame and hundreds of thousands of views on the network, whose performances have been among the highlights of the weekly episodes so far. After the extremely strong presence in the world ranking of participants from the last season of “The Voice of Bulgaria”, now those from the ninth show more than worthy.

See who this year’s homegrown and now international stars are on YouTube’s Best of The Voice, even before the castings in the dark in our country are over.

The incredible Boris Lapshov, who was the first participant of the season, turned all four coaches’ chairs in seconds with his unique voice and performance! He is an actor and singer, he dreams of creating his own musical, and he saw a perfect mentor on the way to fulfilling his dream in the person of Lyubo Kirov.

Fury Sylvie Philippe impressed all four coaches with her amazing stage presence, lots of charm and a controlled, great voice. Her handwriting over the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” quite naturally led her to the most energetic mentor, namely DARA.

Kaloyan Nikolov became famous as the Bulgarian Jason Momoa in “The Voice of Bulgaria” convincingly headed to the finals of this year’s season. Apparently, his way to them goes through the ranking The best performances, and his attractive appearance and rocker energy have already ranked him among the audience’s favorites. Kaloyan is part of Lubo Kirov’s team.

Already in the first seconds of her presentation, the fragile and gentle Elizabeth Zaharieva caused a real furor and rapid pressing of buttons by the four coaches. The beauty even managed to get them on their feet with the song “I”m tired”, which requires exceptional vocal prowess, and chose to continue her stellar performance on Galena’s team.

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