Former referee Anton Genov told Darik about the scandals with the referees – BG football

The former football referee – Anton Genov, who is currently part of the leadership of the association of football referees, spoke to Darik and dsport about the referees punished by the SK to the BFS and the opinion that the association wrote on the subject.

“At the moment there is a crisis in refereeing and this is also dictated by the crisis in football. As we are close to the referees, on Thursday when the statement of the BFS came out about the punishment of several of our colleagues, I took the liberty of calling several people from the refereeing commission and asked is it true. They told me that they got it from the media. I commented with them that they wouldn’t do it that way because they know the rules. There is no need for such media statements with their names and on what principles and why the ones were punished only for the First League, and the others for the Second,” said Genov.

“On Thursday evening, I knew that Kabakov was going to officiate a match in the European club tournaments, I turn on the TV and what I see is Ivaylo Stoyanov, the fourth referee of the match. At the same time, in the statement of the BFS, it appears that he has been punished, if he is punished in Bulgaria, he must to be punished in Europe as well. Our referees performed at a good level in the Real Sociedad v Manchester United match. I spoke to members of the association and I said to them, “Guys, things are not going right here.” We looked to run away from these media appearances . Now I consulted with my lawyer and we decided that we need to pay attention to the problems. So we decided to release this opinion – to ask why exactly these people are punished. The analyzes should be done at the end of the season – based on the performance, the referees grades, based on the norms and theory tests. There is no problem saying these and these people will rest. There is no greater punishment for the referee if he does not show up for matches and does not receive a fee. When they were wrong he admitted watt. Ivaylo Stoyanov, because of the mistakes he made at the beginning of the season, was removed from the team for almost a month. He knows then why these things happened,” added the former referee.

“It turns out that they are scapegoats. We wrote an opinion and it had a domino effect. We have no other interests. We are interested in principledness and why this is actually a thing. Why is there this crisis in the judiciary? We issued an opinion and what we received – a statement from the BFS , which was not written by the SC, I am sure. Full of inaccuracies, oozing malice even. We will not respond to it, we will not stoop to this level. I am talking to all the elite judges. They want an urgent meeting with the BFS management and SK. The judges have the feeling that somewhere there is a disconnect between the BFS, the judges and the judges’ commission,” concluded Genov.

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