Former Moto GP driver proclaims himself a prince, recruits subjects through a Bulgarian bank

Italian Gianni Rolando announced San Bernardino for the world’s newest principality

San Bernardino is the newest and most modern principality in the world, and its prince is the former Italian motorcycling world champion Gianni Rolando. This statement is from Rolando himself, who has never set foot on the volcanic islet located in the Red Sea – between Eritrea and Yemen. After one day it floated on the water, the former planner from the city of Ravenna hurried to register it in 2013 before a notary from San Marino. He also gave it a name – Principality of San Bernardino. And Gianni Rolando, Prince of San Bernardino, proclaimed himself His Highness.

“In the era of globalization, the principality is without “borders” because its territory, or rather its territories, are located in areas (mostly islands) abandoned or forgotten by their former sovereign states, from which they received extraterritorial rights property”, writes the “prince” on the website of his “principality”. According to him, it is the first international or rather intercontinental state.

“The principality has and will have territories on all five continents”, he specifies. Although all this yes

looks like any invented history

to a person with a developed imagination, it is not so at all. San Bernardino even has a constitution, a pax coin, ministers and diplomatic missions. Its consulate general in Italy is in the heart of Rome – at 11 Barberini street. It is housed in an elegant building and shares its offices with those of the international social aid foundation FIAS, which also has its headquarters in Romania. It is headed by Rocco Milano, who is second in rank in the administration and treasurer of the principality.

The curious thing is that you can apply for citizenship to the prince if you fill in the relevant form and deposit an amount as you wish in the form of a humanitarian donation to the foundation in the accounts of a Bulgarian bank. This fact is also visible from the principality’s website.

As for enrollment in the hospital orders of San Bernardino – for a sum of 2,500 euros – they are deposited into a German online bank account.

According to the words of Rocco Milano to “Corriere della Sera”, the principality’s mission is to develop in the social sphere through international aid corps.

The intention is the official one a San coin Bernardino – pax, to be cryptocurrency

and the first thing they will do is to “help Italy, deprived of autonomy and subject to Europe, which decides her fate”.

The requirements for citizenship applicants in San Bernardino are curious – they must have a clean criminal record. They must recognize the prince as the legitimate sovereign and that the crown passes to his heirs. Candidates must accept all decisions of the prince made according to the constitution, demonstrate loyalty to his person and to the government he heads. And damaging the image of Rolando or his family automatically leads to deprivation of citizenship.

The history of the island was recently told in Corriere della Sera. In December 2011, several fishermen witnessed a lava island rising above the water from an underwater volcano in the Red Sea off the western coast of Yemen. Gianni Rolando immediately “adopts” him under the pretext that he is an orphan island in international waters.

He later says he did as Christopher Columbus did on October 12, 1492, “but planting a virtual flag” on September 13, 2013.

According to the “prince” the principality has jurisdictional and tax immunity

and the measures of his courts are like the measures of those of a foreign country. Rolando downplays the fact that he never went to the principality because it would soon have territories on all continents.

In other words, it is a sort of networking country. Rolando did hold meetings with representatives of embassies and consulates mostly from African countries (this can be seen from various photos), trying to reach recognition of the principality from many countries.

San Bernardino’s national holiday is May 24, which is the prince’s birthday. It is clear from his website that he is also Grand Master of the Military Hospital Order of San Bernardino, as well as Grand Master of the Order of Saint Marcian.

In the “royal dynasty” enters and the prince’s son

– Crown Prince Gianfilippo Nicola Rolando, who is married to Princess Julia and is the father of little Princess Ginevra Nicole and Prince Jove Noe. Gianfilippo worked for 20 years in the world of fashion and shipbuilding, and now he is very active in politics – he is a municipal councilor in the city of Ravenna.

According to the constitution of the principality, which for unclear reasons was deposited in Budapest, “the personality of the prince is inviolable and not subject to responsibility”. The Prince of San Bernardino maintains that his principality is in mutual recognition negotiations with 15 countries and that the pax digital coin is already authorized by various countries.


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