For Sony, the shortage of PS5 is (almost) ancient history

Anyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one at retailers around the world from now on.“At CES 2023, Jim Ryan, head of Sony’s gaming section, wanted to be reassuring. For the executive of the Japanese multinational, the PS5 shortage is therefore almost ancient history.

30 million consoles sold

Released in 2020, Sony’s latest home console has been out of stock around the world almost continuously since its release. Despite an increased production rate and an increase in its price in the middle of last year, the PS5 continued to face very high demand which complicated its marketing. The health crisis, its effects on assembly lines in China and the shortage of semiconductors have not helped.

Well aware of the problem, Jim Ryan insisted that Sony “sincerely appreciated the support and patience shown by the PlayStation community“as the company faces”to unprecedented demand and many challenges around the worldIn the same spirit, he announced that Sony had sold more than 30 million consoles, 5 million more than in November 2022, when the company last released the figures.

Is it really easy to find a PS5?

However, is it really easy to find a PS5 today, as the head of Sony claims? Well yes and no. Resellers do list PS5s, but at prices that are still very high compared to the recommended retail price. Amazon continues to sell the console by invitation only; Boulanger, who sticks to the normal price of €549.99 for the standard version of the console, has no stock available and the same goes for Fnac. Most consoles are also sold in packs to allow the merchant to make a little margin on sales, mechanically increasing the price.

To put it more simply, finding a PS5 is certainly possible, but finding one at a decent price remains a big challenge in France. Let’s hope that Jim Ryan’s statements have not been made in the wind and that Sony is really preparing to offer a large stock for its star console.

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