For 2023, Netflix wants (again) to tackle account sharing

Netflix is ​​back in color. During the publication of its quarterly results, the streaming giant proudly announced that it had recruited more than 2.4 million additional customers in the last four months. What to absorb the loss of nearly a million subscribers that the service had collected earlier in the year. To ensure its future growth, the platform is not going to stop there and promises to tackle more strictly the different methods of password sharing.

“Sub-accounts” to increase the number of subscribers

In a letter to shareholders, the platform explains that it has “found a consistent approach to monetize account sharing” that it will begin to deploy more widely “from the beginning of 2023”. The first building block of this new approach is the recently announced account transfer option. By facilitating the export of viewing data, the platform hopes to convince all those who “squat” the account of their parents or friends to take out a subscription in their own name.

A new feature allowing owners of a Netflix account to create sub-accounts will also see the light of day in 2023. Concretely, it will be for the owners of a Netflix account shared with others to “create sub-accounts (additional member), if they want to pay for family or friends”. A kind of family subscription, as Spotify offers, which will have the advantage of inflating the numbers of Internet users subscribing to the platform.

A long history of account sharing

This is far from the first time that Netflix has tackled account sharing. Since 2021, the platform has been trying to tighten the screw on the subject in order to recruit more subscribers. In 2022, the platform launched an experiment in five Latin American countries to combat the abusive sharing of passwords. A fairly clear shift from the past, when Netflix unofficially presented account sharing as a good way to retain new customers.

Now that the platform has reached a plateau and the future is no longer infinite growth, the king of SVoD wants everyone to checkout.

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