Football is back in England this weekend, with the exception of three derbies

The English Premier League will officially resume at the weekend, albeit not to its full schedule.

Seven of the ten matches will be played at the weekend, allaying fears that the entire round will be canceled for the second time in a row.

Last weekend, not a single match was played on the Island, and the reason is clear – the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s funeral will take place next Monday (September 19), so there was a serious risk that sporting events would not take place across the country until that day. Fans can rest easy, however, because seven of the ten games will go ahead as scheduled.

The exception is the three derbies of the round. These are the matches Chelsea – Liverpool, Manchester United – Leeds and Brighton – Crystal Palace.

The decision to postpone these three matches was made following consultation between the clubs, the Premier League, the police and local authorities.

The main motive behind their postponement is safety and the desire of the authorities to avoid serious derbies on days when security measures on the Island are expected to be as tight as ever.

The Premier League released a statement thanking the police and everyone involved in the lengthy standoff that led to this fortunate scenario.

Dates are still being sought for the postponed matches, and the following matches are scheduled to take place:

Aston Villa – Southampton

Nottingham Forest – Fulham

Wolverhampton – Manchester City

Newcastle – Bournemouth

Tottenham – Leicester

Brandford – Arsenal

Everton – West Ham

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