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The Singapore Grand Prix did start in the very difficult conditions with a wet track and Checo Perez won the race. He took first position at the start after overtaking Charles Leclerc at the start and held his lead until the end of the race, which ended after the 2 hour time limit had expired instead of going all the laps due to the delayed start. Max Verstappen finished in 7th place. Checo Perez won by more than seven seconds over Leclerc, but faces a possible penalty for breaking the rules for driving behind a safety car. If the penalty is 10 seconds, the Ferrari driver will take the victory in Singapore.


The start of the race went smoothly from pit to pit, with Checo Perez making a phenomenal start to overtake Charles Leclerc. Max Verstappen lost a few positions and was running 12th, but by the end of the second lap he was back to tenth place.

Trouble for Kevin Magnussen, who went over one of the high curbs after a battle with Verstappen, and a piece of the Haas driver’s front wing flew dangerously onto the track. Lewis Hamilton lost his third position to Carlos Sainz.

The first major contact came on lap 7 when Nicolás Latifi collided with Alfa Romeo’s Joe, with the Williams Canadian left with a flat tire while the Alfa Romeo driver remained motionless, as if Nicolas Latifi was to blame for the incident. That moment led to a safety car.

The safety car came out at the end of lap 10, and Checo Perez restarted the race in fine fashion to retain first place, Max remaining 9th behind Vettel, who had successfully held the Dutchman behind him for several laps now. However, Verstappen showed aggression and successfully overtook the German driver of Aston Martin. However, the Dutchman was then slowed quite seriously by Fernando Alonso, with the Red Bull driver simply unable to attack Alonso for 4 laps.

A third of the race had passed and the drivers were still using wet tyres, with several teams asking their drivers what they thought of the softest dry tyres, but all drivers insisted it was still too wet on the track.

Surprisingly, Fernando Alonso dropped out with engine problems, opening the door for Max Verstappen to move up to 6th in the race. Yellow flags and a virtual safety car were immediately given.

George Russell was the first to take a risk with the tires of medium hardness, but as soon as he left the pits, it was clear that these tires were not suitable for the track, and the Briton barely avoided hitting the wall. After the end of the virtual safety car, Perez continued to increase his lead, which went to almost three seconds from Charles Leclerc. Max Verstappen was approaching Lando Norris, who was running in 5th place. Fourth was Lewis Hamilton.

Alex Alban made a mistake on the 26th lap of the race and crashed into one of the safety walls, he was left without a front wing and had a flat tire. Alban was able to get back on track and continue, and the flags were yellow, but the safety car was again only virtual.

Another mistake, this time by Esteban Ocon on lap 28 led to more yellow flags. The Frenchman also ended up in one of the walls, and his car initially remained stationary, and then the pilot was able to give back – a new virtual safety car.

Max Verstappen caught Norris and put him under pressure on the 33rd lap. Leclerc held the fastest lap, but did not lose any of his gap to Sergio Perez. It was on the 33rd lap that Hamilton made a mistake and flew off the track, he came to a stop in one of the walls, but seemingly without any damage. On the seven-time champion’s return to the track, he blocked Verstappen and Norris went one position ahead. Last season’s big opponents are tire to tire. And Max claims dangerous behavior of the British.

Many of the pilots headed to the pits for new tires and that – medium hard for dry pavement. George Russell, who had previously put on such tires, began to move at the fastest pace. Leclerc pitted a lap early for the new tyres, and both Red Bull drivers stayed on track. The work of the Ferrari mechanics was not the fastest, with Leclerc’s pit stop taking over 5 seconds. And one lap later, Checo Perez also entered the pits, and his mechanics were perfect and the Mexican went out on the track first.

Yuki Tsunoda failed to warm up the tires well for dry asphalt and ended up in the wall. The Alfa Tauri pilot left the car, and the decision was obvious – a new safety car, 1. Checo Perez, 2. Charles Leclerc, 3. Carlos Sainz, 4. Lando Norris, 5. Max Verstappen. A very good and quiet race for Ricciardo who ended up 6th in the safety car and he was the only driver who directly looked at the softest Pirelli tyres.

During the 39th lap, it became clear that the race would end with the time limit running out, rather than completing all the laps. The safety car came out with just over 34 minutes left in the race. He kept his first position without any problem. His team-mate Verstappen tried to attack Norris, but blocked his tires and was unable to stop in time, instead he continued into one of the safety zones. On his return to the track, the Dutchman managed to regain his position from Hamilton, but announced on the radio that he had to pit and did just that.

George Russell blew a rear tire, and Max Verstappen overtook him for 13th position. Bad luck for last year’s world champion.

Charles Leclerc stuck behind Checo Perez and pushed to overtake Checo Perez for the win in Singapore. The Ferrari driver was faster and set record laps, but Checo Perez is known precisely for his good defense and continued to successfully defend the first position.

Surprisingly, Lando Norris entered the fight for the podium after catching Carlos Sainz, and the DRS system was activated. Lando’s teammate Daniel Ricardo was following him. Lewis Hamilton remained in 8th place and Max Verstappen occupied 12th position.

Just 20 minutes before the end of the race, Checo Perez and Charles Leclerc are having a great battle for the first place already for several laps. Despite the DRS, Charles Leclerc was unable to attack the Mexican who, despite a few small mistakes, was able to defend his position. The Ferrari driver made a mistake and lost some time, and Checo Perez opened up over a second gap between the two. 12 minutes before the end of the race, Checo Perez had already opened up a gap of over 2 seconds over Charles Leclerc, and Max Verstappen was running in 9th place behind Lewis Hamilton.

Checo Perez is under scrutiny after they announced an investigation into a possible violation of the rules while driving behind a security car. If they found the Mexican guilty, he would receive a 5 second penalty and thus lose first place. The Mexican posted several consecutive fastest laps in response to the potential penalty, with the decision therefore being left to post-race, meaning that even after the awards, the winner will not be clear.

A minute before the end of the race, an uncharacteristic mistake for Hamilton gave Verstappen a chance, and he took advantage in a wonderful way to take 8th place. Checo Perez increased his lead to more than 5 seconds from Charles Leclerc and secured the victory in the Grand Prix of Singapore.

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