“Flip” smartphones: the next Motorola Razr could well be a game-changer

Folding smartphones in clamshell (“flip”) format are making a name for themselves on the mobile market, well helped by Samsung, Oppo and Motorola, which was one of the first to offer this type of product, thus moving away from the folding in book or “fold” format. Since 2019, the Lenovo-owned company has been capitalizing on its Razr brand, with folding models inherited from its flip phones from the 2000s. The next version has just appeared on the web.

It’s at Evan Blass that we owe the discovery. The leaker unveiled on his Twitter account the first renderings of the smartphone, which should again this year offer something new compared to previous models. In 2022, Motorola had the excellent idea of ​​equipping its terminal with a real large external screen, and it seems that in 2023, the company has decided to push the concept even further. Thus, the panel (probably Oled) should occupy all of the space available to it on the front panel, offering much more than the 2.7 inches of the previous Razr, and probably the 3.26 inches of the Find N2 Flip from Oppo. What make it even more useful, by encouraging not to open the smartphone most of the time.

It is still too early to discuss the technical data sheet of this smartphone. But in good top of the range, it should probably adopt the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, or even the 8 Gen 1+. Let’s hope that its photo component has improved further, as has its autonomy, so that this product rises to the height of its status. Because with such an imposing screen, the Motorola Razr of 2023 could be a serious challenger in the competition for the best folding smartphone of the year. All that remains is to find out what Samsung and its competitors are cooking up in their corner.

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