Fitbit Versa 4 test: the fitness watch evolves timidly

Thin and light

Despite a design similar to that of the Versa 3, we quickly notice that its replacement has become slimmer, losing a good millimeter to only 11.2 mm thick – sensors included, unlike many competing watches for which the thickness is understood to be excluding the island of sensors. Very thin, the Versa 4 is also very light, displaying only 38 g on our scale, bracelet included (25 g case alone).

The Fitbit watch is thus quickly forgotten on the wrist, especially since its fluoroelastomer strap is flexible and comfortable, even when wet. Its particular closing system may be confusing at first, but proves to be practical and safe, in particular preventing the end of the bracelet from getting caught in clothing. You can also easily and quickly change straps thanks to a well-designed attachment system. This one is unfortunately proprietary, which means that it will necessarily be necessary to be content with the catalog of bracelets from the manufacturer – fortunately well supplied.

A screen always in the shot

Still equipped with a 1.58″ AMOLED screen, the Versa 4 unfortunately cannot boast of thinner borders, since its case is no less wide. It is thus a good four millimeters which separate its edges from the bezel in aluminum. Fortunately, the near-perfect blacks offered by AMOLED technology minimize the visual impact of these edges, which blend in more easily with the screen. In absolute terms, a 1.58″ screen is nothing ridiculous still in 2023, the Apple Watch SE 40 mm benefiting from a 1.57 “screen, while the Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 40 mm are satisfied with 1.2 “screens.

Without being exceptional, the screen brightness of the Versa 4 is also high enough to provide good readability in direct sunlight. A permanent display mode (“always-on”) is also available, reducing autonomy by half, but ensuring that the time is constantly displayed on the screen. On the other hand, the luminosity is reduced so as not to affect the tocante’s endurance even more.

Fitbit Versa 4 always-on
Fitbit Versa 4 turned on

In absolute terms, however, the minimum brightness of the screen could have gone even lower, so as not to dazzle at night. Fortunately, the night mode prevents the screen from turning on automatically by movement of the wrist, imposing a press on the side button of the watch.

Voice calls and assistant

The 4th generation Fitbit Versa retains its ability to manage phone calls and chat with the voice assistant (Alexa by default), thanks to its microphones and speaker that can be discerned by the holes present on the edges of the watch. Not enough to affect the waterproofness, however, the 5 ATM certification still being required, which authorizes its use in swimming. On the other hand, water sports such as surfing or diving, which require greater resistance to pressure, should be avoided.

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