First impressions of the DualSense Edge, the official progaming controller dedicated to the PS5

Sony DualSense Edge

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We have been hearing about the “precious” (or rather the precious) since the end of this summer. It was indeed on August 23 that Sony lifted the veil on its DualSense Edge controller, the ultimate version of the excellent official PlayStation DualSense controller. We were able to try it long, wide and across during an exclusive presentation at Sony’s premises.

After a few homemade videos showing us the machine and its genesis, we were finally able to take it out of its cardboard box to discover… another box, namely a bag for storage, transport and recharging which will be delivered with the edge. In addition to the controller itself, the cover contains four additional caps, six in total: two concaves, two short convexes and two long convexes, which of course can be mixed. There are also four additional appendages (two paddles or two buttons) to be placed under the device, at the level of the ring fingers, thanks to a magnetic system. Obviously, it is not mandatory to install these if the need does not arise, the DualSense Edge can work very well without them. Finally, this cover (which in passing seemed to us to be very well made) contains an accessory to keep the USB-C plug connected to the DualSense Edge, even in the event of sudden tearing.

Sony Playstation DualSense

“We are twin sisters…”

Aesthetically speaking, the Edge looks like a classic white DualSense, except for a black touch panel on the front. Another visual difference, the part that holds the two sticks and that runs on the inside face leaves the matte black plastic for a shiny plastic, quite subject to fingerprints elsewhere. In a nutshell, Sony relies on a relatively wise appearance for its competition controller. The white plastic has changed very slightly to gain grip; a detail that says a lot about the care taken by the Japanese in the design of its new device.

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Sony Playstation DualSense Edge

A DualSense Edge, from behind.

Finally, two alternative keys placed in front of the analog sticks complete the differentiation of the classic DualSense from the DualSense Edge.

Personalization with micropile

But more than the exterior appearance, it is above all what it conceals that leaves you speechless. By going through a dedicated menu within the PS5 (and which will be deployed in a future Firmware), the DualSense Edge is configurable from A to Z to stick not only to the preferences of its owner, but also to the requirements of the games he plays. convenient. The dead zone of the sticks can be modified independently, as can their behavior, to favor responsiveness (sought after in an FPS) or precision (preferred in piloting games). The Sony teams have of course developed other diagrams for other types of games explained by the most didactic graphics. In addition, by manipulating the joystick, the user can see the impact of his movements by moving a point on the screen.

Sony DualSense Edge

You can adjust the reactions of the analog sticks.

©Sony PlayStation

In the same vein, it is possible to mechanically adjust the stroke length of the triggers R2 and L2 (three levels provided). The software interface, meanwhile, offers the possibility of very finely adjusting (100 notches are provided) the dead zones of L2 and R2, upstream and downstream, to better control acceleration or braking, for example. Again, we see the result of the settings on the screen and we can modify the settings if they are not suitable before trying them out while playing.

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Sony DualSense Edge

The Trigger Reactions Edit Screen

©Sony PlayStation

In addition to the unchangeable settings of a classic DualSense, the DualSense Edge controller can retain three different profiles that can of course be named as desired. And if that weren’t enough, a PS5 console can store 30 other profiles in memory that it is quite possible to import to the controller before saving them there; so there is plenty to see coming! The icing on the cake, you can change profiles on the fly, without going into the menu, thanks to the simultaneous pressure of one of the alternative keys and the square, cross or round buttons; FPS enthusiasts who often change weapons will find it of immediate interest. It should be noted that these alternative keys also allow you to modify various sound elements such as the level of the headphones or earphones that can be connected to them, always without going into the menus; a welcome development.

Sony DualSense Edge

Was it necessary to specify that the buttons can be reassigned?

©Sony PlayStation

Despite extremely advanced customization, it remains very accessible thanks to an extremely clear and didactic configuration interface.

The end of drifting?

Finally, a last word on one of the welcome new features of the DualSense Edge; detachable analog sticks. Since the arrival of this type of interface, players often have to deal with drift, this phenomenon of wear of parts which modifies the dead zone of the famous sticks with the consequence of unexpected and undesirable movements of the camera, the viewfinder, of the character… To remedy this problem and avoid having to go back to the checkout when a stick shows signs of weakness, Sony gives the possibility of replacing this fragile part.

Sony Playstation DualSense Edge

The glossy “hood” seemed a bit flimsy to us.

You will of course have to buy a replacement stick (for around €25), but dismantling the controller and connecting the new component do not require any particular technical skills thanks to a plug and play system. All you have to do is remove the shiny plastic part without tools, replace your stick in a jiffy, then replace the cover before restarting your game.

The price of prestige

Inevitably, all these innovations have a price and you will have to pay €239.90 to afford the DualSense Edge. In fact, this price is comparable to that of an unofficial SCUF controller or an Xbox Series S, and one wonders if ordinary gamers will find their account there.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, December 22 in our show dedicated to video games to ask us all your questions about the DualSense Edge.

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