Find out which are the most secretive zodiac signs according to astrologers

Do you feel like some people aren’t telling you everything?

Some people like to talk and share more than expected and often come across as gossips. However, there are also people who are super secretive and hide both their feelings and actions for a number of reasons. Some of them do it out of pride, others out of meanness, others – because they hesitate to share what is really happening in their lives. This type of personality usually leaves others with the suspicion that they are not revealing the whole truth about things, and some of them tend to lead double lives. Do you want to know which people in your close circle have the prerequisites to be the most secretive?

Astrologers believe that these are the representatives of 5 zodiac signs, which are generally more unsociable. Here’s who they are:


Aquarius is creative, friendly and free-spirited. And although it may not seem secretive at first, it becomes so over time. Aquarians are independent and like to make others wonder what they’re up to. Don’t expect a man of this sign to reveal all his plans to you. Driven by logic rather than feelings, Aquarius is extremely cautious with their emotions. He will always steer the conversation back to you before you can ask him about his latest adventures.


This sign is not secretive in a malicious way, but rather because it prefers to complete certain projects alone. Capricorn tends to make big plans and usually does not want to include other people in them, mostly because of superstition. There may be two reasons for such behavior: either he is afraid that people will mock his ambitions, or he is afraid that if someone gets involved in his plans, he will only thwart them. Capricorn prefers to work alone from beginning to end and only then boast of the results he has achieved.


The Gemini sign is known for its dual nature, so it makes sense that people of this sign do not share everything with everyone, although they are very sociable. Sometimes Gemini’s behavior can even be classified as downright mean. Representatives of this sign tend to lead a double life – dating two people at the same time, applying for several jobs at once, agreeing with opposing points of view, etc. It is logical that Gemini knows how to keep secrets in order to protect themselves from the reproaches of men.


This sign is obsessed with detective stories, mysteries and mysticism – and it carries some of that into its own secretive nature. Pisces love to intrigue others by talking to them in guesses. The Pisces man tends to keep his deepest feelings to himself. He thinks that if he shares his emotions with everyone around, his feelings will lose their value. You might not guess how interesting and well-read your fellow Pisces is, since he almost never utters a phrase longer than “Good morning!”


Mysterious Scorpios believe that secrecy is a highly valued personality trait, not a flaw. People of this sign like to keep secrets and will never reveal your worries and weaknesses to anyone, including their closest person. This sign is also sparing about its own feelings. He is driven by an all-consuming passion, but in most cases he prefers not to reveal it, even to the person he loves. A Scorpio may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but will keep smiling, pretending everything is great.


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