“Filled with majestic views” and “achievement beyond the possible” – first reactions to “Avatar 2”

“Avatar: The Nature of Water” is officially ready and patiently waiting for its premiere date – December 16.

Producer Jon Landau marked the end of filming with a post on Twitter showing the crew behind the production, as well as director James Cameron with a huge bottle of champagne in hand.

Although there’s less than a month until the sequel hits theaters, several stars are already warning that something epic and unseen is in store.

Cameron’s co-star Guillermo del Toro called the film a “stunning achievement.”

Photo: Forum Film Bulgaria

Del Toro took to his Twitter account to express his first impressions of the production, which takes us back to the planet Pandora. The director behind “The Shape of Water” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” adds that the film is “filled with majestic views” and is “epic, epic in emotional terms”.

He wrote of James Cameron that he was “a master at the height of his powers”. In the comments under del Toro’s post, followers specify that the two directors are very close friends and apparently Cameron has already shown his creation to his colleague.

“This is the first official review,” wrote one enthusiastic del Toro follower. In fact, most of the people who commented on his post said they couldn’t wait to see Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The actors of the film also feel that they have achieved something incredible and are fueling the pre-release excitement even more. Joining the cast are Kate Winslet and Cliff Curtis, who we know from Gang Related.

Photo: Forum Film Bulgaria

“I was with Cameron in Wellington yesterday and he showed me some new footage. I was stunned beyond belief,” says Curtis.

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Curtis, who plays the leader of another exotic tribe from Pandora, added that he was impressed by how emotional and beautiful “Avatar: The Path of Water” is and how deep feelings it inspires in the viewers.

The actor clarifies that he cannot even describe what exactly he experienced while watching the footage in question, even though it was very short.

“It’s going to be one of the greatest movie experiences you’ll ever have,” said Curtis. The publication notes that neither he nor the rest of the cast of the “Avatar” sequel had the chance to watch the entire film to rate it.

Zoe Saldana, who returns to portray Neytiri, was also not allowed to see the production end to end. However, the actress joins the others who are incredibly impressed with what little they’ve had the chance to see.

The team that created the unique world of Pandora has outdone itself

“I was speechless … I was moved to tears,” notes Saldana, who points out that she watched exactly 20 minutes of Avatar 2.

She explains that the sequel will be fascinating and the scenes where the action takes place under water will be particularly remarkable. Without revealing much of the plot, Saldana says that it took Cameron years to make these shots look realistic, but he finally achieved the impossible.

The world premiere of “Avatar: The Nature of Water” is on December 16, and the film will also come to Bulgaria on the same date. In our country, tickets are already on advance sale.

Photo: Forum Film Bulgaria

The production will be one of the few similar to reach the big screens in China.

Most American films are hit by Beijing’s censorship and are not shown in Chinese theaters, but this will not be the case with “Avatar 2”. And for China, the premiere date is December 16.

Until then, we can only hope that Avatar: The Last Airbender actually lives up to the high expectations that del Toro, Curtis and Saldana’s words are setting.


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