Filip Krastev’s agent: He is the best in Europe among his peers – Levski

The representative of Filip Krastev Nikolay Zheinov gave a special interview to Darik radio and dsport. He accompanied the Levski player to Manchester for the negotiations with City Football Group. The midfielder’s agent said that every single game of Krastev is analyzed, and his indicators are excellent. The playmaker is among the best in Europe among his peers.

“An hour and a half ago, Philip and I landed from Manchester. We were called in by City Group management to do the standard medical tests as Philip had a lot of games lined up in the last calendar year. There was very little rest between seasons. Medical tests and we were negotiating an extension for his current contract with City Football Group,” said Zheinov.

“We were definitely surprised, they showed in detail, for almost every match analysis. It turned out that every single match is watched in detail and analyzed. His grades are very good, not to say excellent. In Europe at his age, he is probably the best football player at the moment,” he continued, then commented on whether Krastev will stay at “Georgi Asparuhov” during the spring half-season.

“Basically, they should also ask us if they should send him to another team, we are not a voiceless letter. Yes, we have a representation agreement. We’ve been working together for maybe three years now. Along these lines, we have been informed that there is interest from various clubs, but at the moment we have nothing. We have not negotiated.”

“I can’t say that Philip will stay in Levski after the New Year. I can’t say that he will leave either. There are still six months to transfer to Levski. Citigroup can end it. Philip was very enthusiastic. They welcomed us very warmly. Everyone treats him with great respect. At the same time, so was the other team he was in – Troyes. There are many friends, acquaintances, football players, directors, coaches. People can see that he has worked hard and grown a lot in the last year. Its indicators are very good. He was also given medical tests and many things,” Zheinov revealed, then talked about whether Levski could join City Football Group.

“Philip must have at least two weeks of rest ahead of him. He rested only three days between the two seasons. He just needs to rest physically and mentally. That’s what he needs right now. I saw 11 clubs worldwide in the City Football Group. All at a different level. Why shouldn’t Levski enter? Everything is a matter of negotiation.”

“I have a lot of clients, a lot of work. We don’t complain about work. The English are looking forward to the next game and expect to take the Cup, but let’s see. In my opinion, the final of the World Cup will be France and Brazil,” shared his expectations for the 2022 World Cup.

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