Filip Krastev in Manchester for a new contract with City Football Group

Levski footballer Filip Krastev, accompanied by his agent Nikolay Zheinov, is in Manchester to negotiate with the management of City Football Group for the extension of his contract.

“Philip and I are in Manchester at the invitation of City Football Group, who hold his rights, in order to conduct negotiations on the extension of his contract,” Nikolay Zheinov – owner of the “Global Management” management agency – told dsport and Darik radio.

“They have seen Philip’s growth in the last one year he has been playing for Levski. They want us to renegotiate his current contract, which expires in two and a half years. Let’s extend the agreement from now on. Medical tests are scheduled for tomorrow to determine his condition. This is normal procedure. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day for us, because Philip and I have been invited to a working lunch to discuss the footballer’s future, because City Football Group have offers from western clubs who have watched his development. This will decide whether he will stay in Levski or change his club affiliation. After that, we are invited to an official dinner by them,” Zheinov added.

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