FIFA removed a country with a population of 1.4 billion from world football

The World Federation of Football (FIFA) has banned Indian teams from international participation and also suspended the activities of the local football governing body (AIFF) due to the interference of “third parties in its work”.

The news was officially announced on the FIFA page.

The punishment of India, which has an impressive population of 1.4 billion, puts in serious jeopardy the holding of the Women’s Under-17 World Cup from October 11 to 30, which the big Asian country hosts.

FIFA also announced that the suspension was effective immediately as “the offenses committed by the Indians constitute serious breaches of the Statutes of World Football”.

“The suspension will be lifted once the order to set up a committee of administrators to take over the powers of the AIFF executive committee is lifted and the local federation administration regains full control of day-to-day affairs. FIFA is in constant constructive contact with the Ministry of Youth and sports in India and hopes that a positive outcome can still be achieved from the case,” the letter added.

The most likely reason for reaching this point is the decision of the Supreme Court of the country from the 3rd of this month to ex officio schedule a congress and suspend the work of the elected Executive Committee. From Zurich, it is hinted that the state authority in the person of the Ministry of Sports tried to create an executive committee to lead football instead of the elected one.

The maiden World Cup, due to be held in October, has been taken away from India for now and FIFA is in talks with two European countries that would have no problem hosting it at any time.

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