FIFA 23: round ball and square feet (Gamekult)

It is one of the most anticipated annual releases around the world. Football lovers are eagerly awaiting the game which will give them a dose of sports adrenaline while waiting for the real matches. And if each year we switch between redemption and disappointment – ​​the FIFA license losing more and more of its luster – this last opus before the end of the contract with FIFA is rather surprising. For good or for bad, as explained gamekult. With its many modes and its almost infinite replayability, the quality of a FIFA is not measured in terms of the number of hours of play, but in terms of quality.

In the grip, the technological evolution is felt. A motion capture so neat and precise that it would become almost disabling; if the animations are more realistic, it is in return for an obvious heaviness, both in the players and in the rhythm. A fluidity lost in the same way as the many hazardous balloons; between square feet and failed checks, it will not be uncommon to lose an opportunity that seemed unmissable. But all this only accentuates in the end the credibility of the game vis-à-vis the simulation, because every football lover knows the magic, however cruel, that this sport can convey.

Unfortunately, we still regret this syndrome of stats privileges where defenders and attackers are not housed in the same boat. If we find different styles of defenders, they are no less outdone when it comes to catching up with number 9. We can even find a form of correlation between modeling and performance. Despite this, we feel EA’s effort to erase the arcade aspect that it has long been criticized for and its scores comparable to those of tennis. Whether it’s more lively goalkeepers or much less effective striking styles, the effort is there… but quickly tainted by the presence of the new Power Shot feature, allowing you to send a cinder block from 30 meters. The mechanics are quite difficult to master. Once mastered, it can punish a defense that is a little too passive when a space is created, which happens quite often with an AI that is too often on the street.

EA has nevertheless made the effort to enrich or revisit each of its modes, leaving no player in need of new features. If the FUT mode remains quite similar, the removal of affect links and the possibility of easily replacing players in new positions allow more room for creativity, even if the meta will always end up taking over. The career mode, on the other hand, offers greater depth, extra-sporting activities with more extensive customization, the incarnation of real managers… everything is done to offer real immersion. Finally, the merging of statistics between Volta mode and Club Pro makes it possible to share the same player and to be able to shuttle between the two without losing hours of play; a necessity to complete the skill tree and its 100 levels of progression. This collaborative game mode still lacks crossplay.

For more information and a much more in-depth test, find Gamekult article here.

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