Fierce fighting near Donetsk, Russia gathers “Daggers” in Belarus

The most active hostilities continue in the Donetsk direction – there the Russian army carries out dozens of attacks a day, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulse them. This was announced at a briefing by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Anna Malyar, quoted by LIGA.NOVINI.

The epicenter of hostilities, according to Malyar, remains Bakhmut, Soledar and the entire Donetsk region.

“There, the enemy makes dozens of attacks a day, and we repel them. In fact, there is mutual movement of both sides. If the enemy manages to move towards any populated place, there is an immediate response from the Defense Forces and we immediately take back those territories,” Mallyar said.

She stressed that the Ukrainian forces “are not retreating even an inch”, and the Russian invaders continue to actively try to break through to the administrative borders of the Donetsk region.

“The fighting there continues to be fierce. It should be understood that now there is a very complex defense,” says Mallyar.

Commenting on the situation on the fronts in general, according to the Deputy Minister of Defense, it can be characterized as preparation for the liberation of Ukrainian territories from the Russians and consolidation of already liberated territories.

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on November 1 and 2

the Russian invaders want to attack in three directions

in Donbass: Novopavlovsk, Avdeev and Bakhmut. Until then, only Avdeevskoe and Bakhmutskoe directions appeared in the records.

Planet Labs satellite images captured Russian MiG-31Ks with hypersonic “Daggers” at Machulyshti Air Base south of Minsk.

According to the Norwegian publication Factisk, the footage was taken on Monday, October 31, in the morning. One video shows three planes and a missile complex with “Daggers”.

These planes can be seen in the footage from October 18, writes UNIAN.

It is also said that next to the planes is a container used by the Russians to transport missiles.

British intelligence wrote about the MiG-31K transfer this morning. A container with “Daggers” can also be seen in the photo.

As noted by British intelligence, the Russian Federation has used Kinzhal missiles in the war against Ukraine, but stocks of these missiles are likely to be very limited. Because of the distance of 2,000 km, the deployment of “Daggers” in Belarus gives the Russian Federation a small advantage in the war against Ukraine, analysts explained: “Moscow probably transferred these missiles to signal the West and portray Belarusians as complicit in the war.”

The X-47m “Dagger” is a hypersonic aeroballistic weapon. Its speed after launch exceeds the speed of sound by 10 times.

A missile capable of maneuvering along the entire flight path, as well as hitting both stationary objects and surface ships.

As experts explain, Russia cannot currently produce new missiles because they include more than 130 foreign components unavailable after the tightening of Western sanctions.

Russia has repeatedly used “Daggers” in the war against Ukraine since February 24. In particular, the enemy used a hypersonic weapon in Ivano-Frankivsk on March 18, in Odessa region on May 9, and in Vinnytsia region on August 7.

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces previously stated that there is a shortage of precision munitions in Russia.

Lieutenant Colonel Vyacheslav Zangiev commanded the combat helicopter regiment of PMC “Wagner”. He is believed to have been shot down in the Donetsk region near Bakhmut.

It is in the Donetsk region

the commander of a helicopter regiment from the private military company “Wagner” was liquidated

lieutenant colonel Vyacheslav Zangiev. This was reported by the regional media of Vladikavkaz, where the Russian is from.

At the time of the outbreak of the full-scale war, Zangiev was already retired, however, he went to fight in Ukraine, writes the local Focus.

According to the blogger Necro Mancer, the Wagnerian commander operated the Mi-8 helicopter that was shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on October 31 near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

We remind you that the armed forces of Ukraine also liquidated Boris Totikov, chief of the missile forces of the 35th general army of the Russian Federation, as a result of a HIMARS attack on the headquarters of the Russian troops in Izyum. The Russians lead the troops in the direction of Izyum.

On September 16, in Lugansk, the “general prosecutor of the LPR” Sergey Gorenko was liquidated, who was blown up in his office. Since the beginning of the war in 2014, he has been working with the occupiers.


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