FIA: The incident was not serious enough to require a red flag; Wolff: They followed the rules this time

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The FIA ​​decided to explain why they left Italian Grand Prix to finish behind a safety car, which drew heavy criticism. Daniel Ricciardo stopped at the Monza circuit shortly before the end of the race and traffic control launched a safety car that did not return until the very end.

“While every effort was made to remove the #3 car and restart the race, the situation was developing. The marshals were unable to put the car in neutral and push it to the side,” said an FIA spokesperson.

“Security in such actions is our only priority. The incident was not serious enough to require a red flag and therefore the race finished behind the safety car in accordance with the procedures agreed between the FIA ​​and all participants. The moment of exiting the safety car and the period of remaining on the track has no influence on the procedure.

The incident reignited the debate surrounding the 2021 season finale. Then race director Michael Massi allowed only the cars between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to return to the grid and put the car away for safety. The reason was that there was an agreement between all races not to end behind a safety car. The Abu Dhabi race was restarted for just one lap, during which Verstappen overtook the Mercedes driver and won the title.

This is yet another case where the actions of the FIA ​​people are called into question. Toto Wolff from Mercedes did not miss the opportunity to drop a scathing line.

“They followed the rules this time,” said the team manager from Brackley

“The flight director’s decision will be criticized. Maybe they should have made it a tour earlier or let George go [Ръсел]. But at least they followed the rules. They agreed that the race should finish behind a safety car. That’s how it should be,” added Wolff.

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