Ferrari expect at least a 10-second penalty for Perez

photo: Viktor Alekyan

The Ferrari team is waiting Sergio Perez be penalized with at least 10 seconds for a traffic violation behind a safety car. The safety car comes out several times during the Singapore Grand Prix. The Mexican won the race, but his victory is still not completely certain. He crossed the finish line 7.595s ahead of Charles Leclerc. Carlos Sainz was third.

“Checo made the same mistake in two safety cars. We expect at least a 10-second penalty,” said Mattia Binoto after the final.

“I regret that a decision was not made during the competition. Charles pushed very hard and ate his front tires.

Leclerc did not comment on his rival’s investigation.

“I gave it my all throughout the race. The bad start at the beginning hindered me – it cost me the race win. I spun the wheels and couldn’t go like the people. Now I will get a good night’s sleep and prepare for Japan,” said the driver from Monaco.

Sainz said that the race was very difficult for him.

“At no point did I have a good rhythm on the wet track, and then I just couldn’t catch the top two. The good thing is that I didn’t make any mistakes. I drove the car to the finish and towards the end of the race I was even fast when I gained enough confidence. This is a good result for the team and for the Constructors’ Championship,” explained the Spanish Ferrari driver.

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