Falmec incorporates NRS silent technology in its Lumen extractor hoods

The manufacturer of extractor hoods Falmec has made a specialty of silent appliances with its NRS (Noise Reduction System) technology. It now equips some of its emblematic models with it, including the Lumen, which has become the Lumen NRS.

Many of us have given up using our extractor hood because of the excessive noise that these devices can emit. However, there are very quiet extractor hoods, whose sound level does not exceed 60 dB(A) at maximum power, i.e. the noise of a normal conversation, held without raising your voice. Falmec is even stronger with its NRS stamped hoods since the manufacturer promises that its models do not exceed 54 dB(A). To achieve such a result, it was necessary to develop a silent motor, of course. In addition, the materials that make up the NRS hoods are selected based on their acoustic properties. Finally, the path of the air in the device also contributes to drastically reducing the sound level.

The Lumen NRS hood should therefore operate discreetly, even if it is pushed to its limits. According to the technical sheet, this 90 cm long model is capable of sucking in (and therefore filtering) 800 m³ of air per hour, which is more than enough for a 30 m² kitchen. A first metal filter is responsible for retaining grease and a carbon filter must retain odors. Finally, the humidity is retained thanks to a zeolite filter, a volcanic rock with a microporous structure which will emit heat during the process. This material is widely used in dishwashers, in particular to increase the efficiency of the drying programme.

Far from the most sophisticated extractor hoods, the panel of the Lumen NRS abandons the sensitive keys in favor of simple physical buttons. Thanks to these, the user turns on (or off) the device as well as the LED lighting. He also chooses one of the four suction powers available and can start a timer which will switch off the hood after 15 min. The Lumen NRS cannot be connected to a smartphone or controlled by voice. Similarly, it does not benefit either from a connection to a hob which would make it possible to adapt the suction power to that of the inductors – a system found at Miele or Electrolux.

The Falmec Lumen NRS silent extractor hood is available for €1299 in its wall-mounted version. It will cost 1799 € to afford the island model.

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