Falling short of expectations: The most disappointing cars of 2022 PHOTOS

In 2022, many companies delighted drivers with exciting new cars. However, there are also models that completely fall short of expectations. CarsCoops journalists told which new cars disappointed them the most.

There are many candidates for the title of “biggest disappointment of the year”, but experts have singled out three models. In their opinion, these cars could have pleased car enthusiasts, but for some reasons they failed.

Subaru Solterra/Toyota bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X and its “twin brother” Subaru Solterra were supposed to embody the future ideology of the Japanese manufacturer. This all-electric crossover faced a number of problems immediately after its launch.

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First, buyers were disappointed that fast charging may not work in cold weather. After that, the launch of the electric crossover was delayed due to poorly fastened wheels. Toyota even had to buy back cars from customers.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai’s compact pickup might have won over customers with its budget price and excellent equipment if Ford hadn’t introduced the next-generation Maverick, which has better fuel economy and a lower price. As a result, the model failed to gain enough fans.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

At first glance, this may appear to be a hit on the target. The minivan has a beautiful design reminiscent of the first-generation Transporter and interesting features, but this has not been enough.

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The price of the Buzz in Germany starts at 64,581 euros. This is too much for a model with low power and a range of 424 km on the WLTP cycle. Potential buyers have chosen cheaper models. /

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