Fairphone will market refurbished smartphones, starting with the Fairphone 3 (New Life Edition)

The Dutch company Fairphone was born with the idea of ​​designing the most ethical and sustainable smartphone possible. The brand goes to the end of its approach by embarking on the marketing of refurbished phones. Logical when you know that the ecological cost of a smartphone stems from 70% of its manufacture. A green mobile is therefore a mobile that lasts as long as possible, even if it means being used by several people during its life.

This is how the Fairphone 3 (New Life Edition) appeared in the manufacturer’s catalog. “In line with Fairphone’s mission to promote smartphone longevity to reduce e-waste and conserve critical resources, refurbished phones will complement existing Fairphone device offerings”summarizes the mark.

A point that is important for the carbon footprint of these second-hand devices, they will be reconditioned in France and will not travel to the other side of the world to be repaired. Indeed, Fairphone has chosen to refurbish its smartphones in Cordon, in Haute-Savoie. All will be 100% functional and will carry a new battery, or almost. The latter will have a capacity of at least 80% of its original capacity. Fairphone says the modular design of its phones makes it easy to refurbish and upgrade.

These Fairphone 3 will be marketed in the coming weeks at a price of 359 € (limited stocks). They will be guaranteed for two years by the brand, as are its new phones, and can be returned within 14 days by unsatisfied customers. By nature, the Fairphone 3 (New Life Edition) therefore becomes the most ethical smartphone of the brand, and undoubtedly of the market.

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