F1 drivers furious over Suzuka tractor exit

photo, Red Bull Content Pool

F1 drivers have been left furious by the appearance of a tractor on the Suzuka circuit. The start of the Japanese Grand Prix began in extremely difficult and difficult atmospheric conditions. The entire course was flooded, forcing the use of intermediate tires.

The dramas in Suzuka started on the first lap. First, Sainz lost control of his car and crashed into the guardrails. The Spaniard carried away an advertising banner that landed on the front of Gasly’s car. The Alfa Tauri driver started from the pits due to the replacement of a large number of components in the car. After the accident, he pitted for a new front wing.

Gasly was shocked when he passed a tractor that was on track to collect Sainz’s Ferrari. The incident was not televised, but a video of it quickly spread on social media.

The Alfa Tauri’s in-car camera shows Gasly passing what looks like a tow truck or tractor. At the time, the race car was under a safety car, and the red flag was issued just seconds before Gasly passed the vehicle on the track.

“What’s happening? What is this tractor?? What is that tractor on the track?” said an angry Gasly on the radio.

“I passed him. This is unacceptable. What just happened? I can’t believe this. I could have died,” added the Alpha Tauri pilot.

A number of Gasly’s colleagues also commented on the situation at the start of the race in Japan.

“What the hell. How did this happen!? Years ago we lost a man in this situation. We risk our lives, especially in conditions like these. We want to compete. But this is truly unacceptable,” Norris tweeted.

“How can we make it clear that we never want to see a crane on the runway? Because of this mistake we lost Jules. What happened today is completely unacceptable! I hope this is the last time I see a crane on the track,” Perez said.

“What people don’t understand is that even behind the safety car we’re going 100, 150 km/h and we can’t see anything,” Sainz said.

“Even if there’s a crane on the track and we’re behind the safety car and we’re going 100km/h, a driver can make a small, stupid mistake and go a little off the track. He may not remember that there is a tractor there and may crash into it. So why even risk it? I guess that’s more related to our question,” the Ferrari driver added.

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