Ezviz unveils its first motorized battery-powered outdoor camera and a connected lock


Ezviz has taken over IFA 2022 with many new features, including an interesting new outdoor camera. The HB8 2K+ is not only motorized, but also battery powered. A connected lock, the DL01S DIY Smart Lock, was also shown.

The novelties present on the Ezviz stand at IFA 2022

The novelties that Ezviz presented on the IFA were varied to say the least.

© Ezviz

Already being tested in our lab, the HB8 2K+ camera is reminiscent of the C8 series models. And for good reason. This is also a motorized outdoor camera. If it stands apart, however, it is because it has another particularity, which brings it closer to the BC range: it incorporates a 10400 mAh battery. The HB8 2K+ must therefore be easy to install and allow monitoring of a large outdoor space. Since it works on battery, it will however be necessary to think of recharging it to maintain the active surveillance. Ezviz announces an autonomy of 210 days. It can also be completed with a solar panel.

The new Ezviz camera is otherwise quite classic, but still well equipped with a 4 Mpx sensor with infrared LEDs, but also a projector for night vision. The latter is thus available in black & white and in color. The HB8 2K+ is of course also equipped with a microphone and a speaker for two-way audio, and connects via wifi to send motion alerts. Note also that an artificial intelligence allows it to recognize humans, even if we would have liked it to also recognize vehicles or animals.

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A connected lock, with optional keypad

As for the DL01S DIY Smart Lock, Ezviz offers a connected lock to assemble yourself. Above all, we imagine here a way of highlighting the ease of installation, since most manufacturers ensure that their connected locks can be mounted without the help of specialists, even when the door cylinder has to be changed. This step is in any case not necessary with the new Ezviz lock, which is an extension of the cylinder already in place. Best of all, installing it would leave no permanent damage, allowing renters to install it without fear of leaving their deposit when leaving.

The DL01S DIY Smart Lock from Ezviz.

The new Ezviz lock does not require major work.

© Ezviz

Once the Smart Lock is installed, the user can unlock the front door with their smartphone, and share access with other members of the household. A temporary sharing system is also provided for visitors and Ezviz has also thought about the heads in the air: when the door is closed, the DL01S locks it automatically. It is also possible to check if the door has been closed from the Ezviz application, but remote access requires the addition of a connection bridge since the lock only works in Bluetooth.

It works more exactly with the A3 Home Gateway, also presented at the show with various sensors: contact for doors and windows (T2C), motion sensor (T1C), water leak detector (T10C)… In short, what build a complete security system. Still in the accessories, the DL01S can also be completed with a wireless keypad allowing not only the unlocking of the door with a code, but also the reading of “proximity cards” or more simply of badges. This keyboard can also act as a doorbell, and Ezviz promises to offer interactions between its doorbell and other devices in its catalog thereafter.

The HB8 2K+ camera is already marketed at the recommended retail price of €199.99, but the availability in France of the lock and its accessories remains to be specified.

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