Ezra Miller replaces silence with apology: I suffer from mental health issues

After a systematic display of aggressive behavior, a series of harassment allegations and last week’s icing on the cake – theft and break and enter, actor Ezra Miller has admitted he has mental health issues and will seek help.

In a statement sent to a representative of The Hollywood Reporter, Miller apologized to the people he affected by his actions.

“Having recently gone through a period of intense crisis, I have come to realize that I suffer from complex mental health issues and have begun a process of treatment. I want to apologize to anyone I have troubled with my past behavior. I am determined to undertake the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage of my life,” says the star of the “Justice League” and “Fantastic Beasts” series.

The statement comes nearly a year after the actor became a central figure in allegations of harassment and assault.

In March of this year, he was detained by authorities in Hawaii for an incident at a karaoke bar. Witnesses said the actor forced a couple to get on stage and sing, and when they refused, Miller threw a dart at the man and hit the woman with a chair.

A few months later, parents of an 18-year-old girl filed a complaint against the actor, claiming that he had been manipulating their daughter since she was 12 years old, and in the last year they also noticed signs of physical abuse on her body.

In parallel, The Rolling Stone published a report about three children who live with their mother at the star’s ranch in Vermont. According to officials at the property in question, the actor put children at risk with a lifestyle that included easy access to guns and drugs in some of the ranch’s rooms.

The latest charge against Miller came on August 8. It says the actor broke into a Vermont residence while the owners were away and stole several bottles of expensive liquor.

After the series of scandals, the fate of Ezra Miller’s most famous project – the upcoming superhero movie “The Flash” (The Flash), in which the actor plays the main character Barry Allen – was called into question.

Rumor has it that the premiere of the film, which cost Warner Bros. around $200 million, may be delayed in view of the disturbing behavior of the star in it.

But a week before Miller shared his apology, Warner Bros. executive Discovery’s David Zaslav mentioned The Flash and made it clear that his appearance on screen is going according to plan.

The Flash is set for a world premiere on June 23, 2023, and with indications that its “troubled” star has sought professional help, the film’s future seems secure for now.


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