Ex-Gala presenter pregnant by rich…

Is the best news awaiting the journalist after parting with “Na Kafe”

Desi Tsoneva showed a fat belly and doubted her followers on social networks that she was pregnant for the third time. The journalist, who is an avid cook, showed how she cooks her next meal, and a huge belly appeared under her bathrobe, “Weekend” reports.

“Apparently she is also one of the famous mothers who hide until the last that they will donate life. Otherwise, I can’t explain why she doesn’t say” – commented followers of the brunette.

In the summer, there were rumors again that the daughter of the late Dimitar Tsonev would become a mother for the third time, but she flatly denied it. “I’m just passing by to say that I’m not pregnant, I don’t eat junk food and I spank moderately,” which completely quells rumors that she’s expecting a third heir. However, Desi did not clarify whether she plans to have a second child with her current partner – Yavor Stefanov, with whom she continues to be happy.

They have been together for 5 years and have been a family for 3 years. Tsoneva has a daughter from Yavor – Bianka-Dimana, who turned 3 a few days ago. Desi also has a son with her ex-husband Yancho Takov Jr., who is named after his father and paternal grandfather. Yavor Stefanov, on the other hand, has two grown daughters from his ex-partner, with whom Tsoneva has repeatedly shown that she is on excellent terms.

Some time ago, the former reporter from “Na Kafe” shared that she and Yavor fell in love after the death of her father, Mitko Tsonev, during a vacation in Greece, falling into the company of common friends. The new love became the reason for Desi to fight the depression she fell into after the loss.

“Our difference is 19 years – as much as one karmic cycle! That is, I was born for him, this is our destiny! How can I not believe it, since we have never once seriously quarreled, since our relationship is so inspiring, and even cruel underhanded intrigues have not managed to sow discord between us? Yavor is the man who is destined for me”, Desi is confident.


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