Evra: One time Fergie just ruined Ronaldo and he became another player

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has spoken of the huge influence Sir Alex Ferguson had on Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese played for the Red Devils under the great Scot from 2003 to 2009, arriving from Sporting Lisbon at 18, but scored just 6 goals in his first season.

“Sir Alex Ferguson had a huge impact on Ronaldo’s career. There were many stages in his football journey. When he started he was like a YouTube player – he had a lot of skills but he didn’t show them on the pitch. But you could tell he had desire and character to prove to people that he can be the best.Let’s not forget that he also had great players around him like Roy Keane and the others.

I remember one time when Ferguson absolutely destroyed him. Cristiano had a poor performance against Chelsea and Sir Alex told him: “It’s easy to get a hat-trick against Bolton or Blackburn, but what about the big games?” It was a difficult moment… Suddenly after that, Cristiano started scoring in the derbies, he became a different player.

Ferguson continued to advise him and convinced him that he was not a winger and that with his abilities he should score two or three goals every game. Convince him also not to aim for feints, but to aim to score. During the season in question, Ronaldo scored 42 times,” Evra recalled.


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