Everything came true! Beautiful Brenna with shocking revelations about s…

Baba Vanga helped and predicted the future not only of the whole of Bulgaria, but also of big stars from neighboring countries such as Lepa Brena

The legend of Serbian music and her partner in the music company “Grand Production” Sasha Popovic visited Vanga in Petrich at the height of the folk star’s career in the former Yugoslavia. Then they did not believe the predictions of the phenomenon by Rupite, writes “Telegraph”.

“The second time she divined for me was when I sang at concerts in Bulgaria. Then I was told that I should go to Baba Vanga. When you are very young, you are afraid of what the future holds for you. I slept on sugar the night before , because they told me that I should. I tried to dress modestly so that they would not recognize me. When I went to Grandma Vanga, she said to me: “Are you Lepa Brenna? Five years ago, I described that you would appear and descend from the sky. A woman with silver blonde hair and that the people of Bulgaria would love you as their own,” the music legend said.

The prophetess continued with her predictions, delivered verbatim by the singer.

“You will marry a man who will wear a white uniform. You will also build a big house where all the people who sing and play will be together, and you will give birth to only male children, no girls. In your mature years you will do fantastic works “, Lepa Brena also shared and added that everything Vanga had predicted to her had come true.


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