Eros Ramatsoti to Dir.bg: I am extremely shy, but on stage all barriers fall


Eros Ramatsoti is back in Bulgaria

Eros Ramazzotti is one of the iconic Italian performers. His songs are loved around the world – 14 studio albums, 70 million records sold, 2 billion streams and almost 2 billion views on YouTube.

The magnetic Italian celebrates his new album “Battito Infinito”, released by Capitol Records, Italy on September 16, 2022, with a massive tour in 31 countries and 60 cities around the world, and Sofia is one of his stops.

Eros Ramatsoti returns to Bulgaria for a concert in Arena Armeets on April 25 at the invitation of Fest Team as part of this world tour in some of the most prestigious arenas in the world. The tickets for his concert – on Ticketstation and Eventim.

Eros Ramatsoti returns to Bulgaria for a concert in Arena Armeets on April 25 at the invitation of the Fest Team (Photo Credit: Maki GALIMBERTI)

We present you Eros Ramatsoti in a special interview for Dir.bg – about the rhythm of the heart, about the hope that we will speak the language of love again, about idols in music, about 100 percent happiness and gratitude to God.

– Eros, you released an album after a 7-year hiatus – Battito Infinito. Why “Infinite Rhythm”, what do you say?
– The “endless rhythm” is that of the heart: it is a promise of love to infinity, so that we can speak to each other again in the language of love…

We went through difficult years and it seems to me that we “dried up”, lost the ability to love in the simplest and purest way, usually inherent in children, which for me is a real inspiration.

I hope my songs convey my message to those who listen to them.

– Battito Infinito ends with Ogni Volta Che Respiro – the first and only pop song composed by the great Ennio Morricone with lyrics by Mariella Nava, in your unique style. What is this song to you?

– It is needless to mention how influential Ennio Morricone was in Italian and world music culture. The presence of his song on my album is a huge honor for me!

– Are there any musicians you consider your mentors? Do you have idols in music?
– I listen to different genres of music, I follow the current trends in Italian music. The artists of the past who inspire me are Lucho Dalla, Fabrizio De Andre, Francesco De Gregori, Lucho Battisti… In two words – the great and unattainable masters of Italian song.

– The conservatory rejects you. How do you explain this fact?
– This is a question you should ask the members of the conservatory. I don’t know why they rejected me, but looking back, who knows, if I’ve made it this far in my career today, maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t take me… (laughs)

– Have you ever thought how your life would have turned out if you had chosen accounting as your profession? Eros Ramatsoti – Accountant, how does it sound just…
– No, I never thought about it… I always wanted to make a living with music and I was lucky enough to turn my passion into my profession.

“I hope to make my tiny contribution so that I can leave my children a better world than the one we live in today,” confessed the big star (Photo Credit: Mario BOTTA)

– You share that in your youth you were “desperately” shy. Have you changed over the years?
– I am still extremely shy, I am not a person who opens up easily. Although my profession inevitably requires me to reveal more of my inner world than I would like.

But all the barriers I’ve built or born with fall away when I step on stage.

– As a 5-6 year old child, you participated as an extra in a Fellini film…
– Actually, it wasn’t a Fellini film, it’s an urban legend… However, it’s true that as a child I had the opportunity to be an extra in quite a few films.

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I lived close to Cinecittà, the film studios, and as a child I and my friends were often picked off the street to be extras in various films.

I must have acted in at least fifteen films.


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One of them left an indelible memory with me. When I was about 7 years old one hot summer I was taken to a hangar where I had to pretend to throw snowballs, artificial snow was falling on top of me… I even remember the terrible heat I felt under my coat! (laughing)

– Does the name determine a person’s fate? They named you after the Greek god of love…
– My name, as often happens, was chosen by my parents as a wish for a life full of love. And I must admit that I really feel very happy.

Eros Ramatsoti in Sofia on April 25, 2023, Arena Armeets

– What is the importance of money in a person’s life? Are they able to make him truly happy?
– I don’t want to be hypocritical… Of course, money is important because it gives you security, but it is by no means synonymous with happiness.

I have experienced it on my own back… I come from a humble family, many times we lacked material things, but thanks to the love that was present in my childhood home, I can tell you that I have never felt anything truly is missing.

– Do you have an event in your life that you define as 100 percent happiness?
– There are two events – when I won San Remo and when my children were born.

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– How did your impressive collaborations come about? Who was choosing whom?..
– It was different with everyone – I have been offered a duet, and they have offered me. But I have always been sincere and opened my heart to the artist I collaborate with. Every song resulting from these collaborations has always given me great satisfaction.

– Do you have a favorite duet?
– I have worked with many artists, both Italian and international, from Tina Turner to Anastasia, from Luis Fonsi to Pavarotti, from Ricky Martin to Alejandro Sanz and many others.

It is impossible for me to name you a favorite duet – I have experienced different emotions with each performer and each one has left a mark on me that has enriched me both professionally and personally.

Eros Ramatsoti returns to Bulgaria for a concert in Arena Armeets on April 25 at the invitation of the Fest Team (Photo Credit: Maki GALIMBERTI)

– Tell us an interesting incident with one of these remarkable singers that you will not forget?

– I will never forget the moment when Tina Turner reached out to me to offer me a collaboration. I couldn’t believe that she, the holy monster of music, wanted to do a duet with me! It was a huge honor, an experience that will stay in my mind forever.


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– You recently presented your new single “Soy” (“Sono”). In it, you team up with your long-time friend Alejandro Sanz – the Spanish artist with the most Grammy awards in history. Why did you decide to work together?
– Creating “Soy” with Alejandro Sanz was fun and inspiring, it’s great to see how the audience welcomes it!
We have worked with him in the past and when I contacted him to offer him a collaboration on this song, I could sense that he was very enthusiastic.

We’ve both had similar life experiences that the song is about, and it was really easy and exciting to recreate them – two men singing and reminiscing about childhood dreams…

– You have sold over 70 million CDs. Your only competitor in this regard is Andrea Bocelli. What do the two most successful Italian singers talk about when they meet?
– I don’t see Andrea as a rival, on the contrary. We know each other and are lucky to share the same views and of course, the same way of life. When we meet, we talk about our adventures on tour, tell each other anecdotes from recording our songs, share about the kids…


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– If you could go back, would you change anything in your life?
– Certainly, if I went back, I would have made a different choice in some situations. But “ifs” and “buts” don’t get you anywhere… (laughs)

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– On September 15, 2022, in the Spanish city of Seville, you started your new musical journey – 31 countries and 60 cities. Why did you decide to come to Sofia on April 25, 2023?
– I love Sofia. I have already sung at your place twice. The recent pandemic kept us away for a few years, but I look forward to returning again and meeting the Bulgarian public, who have always been very warm and welcoming…

Collage: Petya Alexandrova/Dir.bg/Photos: Maki Galimberti, Mario Botta

– What do you thank God for?

– Every day I give thanks from the bottom of my heart for my three wonderful children.

– What is your dream today?
– Professionally, I hope to be able to give people my music for a long time to come.

I want to continue to be an example and support for my children when they need me. And I hope to make my tiny contribution so that I can leave them a better world than the one we live in today.

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