Enrique Rafael: The organization in CSKA 1948 is better than that in CSKA, with Levski is the biggest derby (VIDEO) – CSKA 1948

CSKA 1948 flanker Enrique Rafael gave a special interview to Darik Radio and dsport before Levski’s visit. He commented on the upcoming match at the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, as well as the differences between CSKA 1948 and CSKA.

You have been at CSKA 1948 for about four months. How do you feel here?

– I am happy. When I received an offer from CSKA 1948 I was very motivated to return to Bulgaria. I expect to do my best to keep the team going.

Let’s go back in time. How did you become interested in football, how did your path in the sport begin?

– I started my career at the school of a team from my hometown in Brazil. From there I was noticed by scouts and I played professional football.

In the composition of CSKA 1948 there are quite a few Brazilians. Does having more of your compatriots help you communicate better?

– Yes, of course, having other Brazilians helps, but I also want to learn Bulgarian. It is important.

You have already played in Bulgaria. What are the differences between your previous club and your current one?

– The difference is mostly in terms of organization. Here, the organization is much better and you have the opportunity to think only about football.

We know about the rivalry between your former club and your current club, have you met CSKA fans since the transfer and what were their reactions?

– Yes, I met some of them outside. They congratulated me. I have received threats and curses on social media, but that doesn’t stop me. Everything is fine.

For the third time you have the opportunity to work with Luboslav Penev, can you tell a little more about working with him?

– I really like working with Mr. Penev. The work is very serious and at a high level. Before I left for Portugal, I won the Bulgarian Cup with him. I want to win it again. When I received the offer from CSKA 1948 and found out that he was a coach, I became even more motivated to return to Bulgaria.

You already beat Levski once at the start of the season. Now the calendar turns and you have a visit to the “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium. What do you expect from the match?

– It will be a very difficult game, but we will work hard during the week to win at Gerena.

Levski is one of the opponents against whom you perform best. Can we say that they are your favorite opponent or is it just that the motivation against them is always greater?

– My preparation for all matches is the same. Everyone wants to play such matches. Against Levski is the biggest derby in Bulgaria. This motivates you to play at the highest level.

You have played matches with a great charge and with many fans in the stands, how do you think the atmosphere in the stands during the derbies in Bulgaria?

– When you play in front of a full stadium, it motivates you more. The atmosphere in the stands is felt on the pitch and it motivates more to give more.

Who is your toughest opponent? Both as a team and as a player?

– Ludogorets and Sisinho. When we play against each other, there is a lot of charge between Brazilians. No one wants to lose and a tough fight ensues. Viktor Popov from the Black Sea is also playing very hard.

What are your personal ambitions here?

– Let’s finish the season in the best way and become champions.

Finally, do you think Brazil will be able to become world champions for the sixth time in Qatar and who do you think will be the top scorer at the World Cup?

– Yes, Brazil has a great chance to win the World Cup this year. There is a very good team and coach. I want Neymar to be the top scorer, maybe Richarlison.

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