End of Netflix account sharing: what could change in 2023

Will Netflix end account sharing in 2023? All the indicators lean towards a decision in this direction. The American streaming giant will soon impose limitations to restrict the use of an account within the same household, according to information from the wall street journal.

100 million fraudsters

100 million Internet users use Netflix without paying for the service, according to the company’s latest estimates. After the loss of some of its subscribers, the American platform will move up a gear. The launch of a first “advertising” offer at a discount price aims in particular to encourage some users to subscribe to the platform rather than borrowing the profile of an acquaintance.

Ultimately, the goal is to be able to limit the use of an account within the same household. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think consumers are going to love this service from the start”Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos told investors in early December.

This year, Netflix let its users know that they were no longer allowed to share their account with members outside their home. “People who don’t live in your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix. It’s easy to subscribe to Netflix and there are plenty of deals on offer. As always, the subscriber can change their offer or cancel their subscription at any time”stipulate in particular the help pages of the company.

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Towards a supplement of a few euros?

To enforce the rules of account sharing in 2023, the American company could use several methods. In Latin America, a region of the world where password sharing is particularly widespread, the company has tested additional monthly billing. To share their accounts with up to two people outside the household, Netflix charges an additional three dollars per month.

In order to prevent the external use of an account, the streaming service asks to enter a code previously received by the owner of the account. A pop-up that could be quite a deterrent. “This verification allows us to confirm that the device using the account is indeed authorized to do so”, already specifies in France Netflix. The illegitimate occupant of an account could then take out a subscription or ask the priority to pay the supplement to access the content.

IP address and device identifier

In order to identify fraudulent use of an account, Netflix relies on three indices: the IP address of the Internet connection used to connect to the account, the unique identifier of the device and finally the activity of the account. In Latin America, the procedure does not appeal, but it is clear that many users choose to pay for sharing, according to internal sources relayed by the wall street journal.

The arrival of the first sharing restrictions is scheduled for the start of the year across the Atlantic. If the first returns from the field are good, Europe could follow in stride. In the United States and Canada, the measure could generate $721 million in additional revenue, according to estimates by Cowen Inc. A significant financial windfall for the company. Year-to-date, Netflix stock is down more than 50%.

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