Emilia revealed what is happening in her marriage

While rumors separate Emilia from her partner, she enjoys unclouded happiness and mainly raises her little daughter

For two days, news about the separation between the singer Emilia and Georges Bashur has been circulating in the media world. The family had some problems for several months, and the separation came relatively soon. Rumors connect the voice actress with a new man – a businessman from Haskovo.

A blitz.bg reporter sought the truth from the first person if Emilia really broke up with her husband Georges Bashur.

“From you we hear about this news molded by a sick brain. I laugh out loud and wonder how it is possible for a human brain to give birth to such stupidity. Emilia and Georges are together, they love each other and there are no prerequisites for a breakdown in their relationship. I guess you see how much Emilia is happy – it shows during her performances, interviews and even in the songs”, said the team of the chalga fury, which broke out this year with four successful duets.

“At the moment, the two are taking care of the baby alone as they have trouble finding a babysitter. They wouldn’t entrust their little girl to someone they’re not sure about. And while Emilia is on shows, Georges is taking care of little Georgina alone. It’s because for this reason, Emilia reduced her appearances in order to have more time for her children,” added Emilia’s team.


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