Emil Velev: Levski is shaken by the harpoon in the heart, but will beat CSKA – BG Football – efbet Liga

Emil Velev-Kokala is the last coach who led Levski to the championship title in 2009. He has countless matches as a player and coach against CSKA behind him. Particularly for Gong.bg Velev commented on the eagerly awaited match between Levski and CSKA this Sunday, as well as the performance of both teams since the beginning of the season. He also touched on the subject of the national team after the list of called-up players for the upcoming League of Nations matches with Gibraltar and North Macedonia was announced.

Here is what Emil Velev said:

“This match has a long history and it shows that the current form does not matter at all. Many of the matches were won by the team that was not in the role of favorite. This is one of the reasons why I think that Levski will win on Sunday. True, CSKA gained victories and self-confidence in the efbet League, but they did not impress with their play.

Levski started the season with euphoria from winning the Bulgarian Cup in May, but already in the first round there was an indication that things were not so rosy. Many described the loss to CSKA 1948 as a fluke, but for me it showed that things were not finished. In the last round, Levski also lost to Lokomotiv Sofia, and I’m sure there will be more hesitation. But the most important thing was done – the audience returned to the stadium, they believe in the team, and this is entirely the merit of Stanimir Stoilov.

For me, getting knocked out by the Maltese in Europe was the turning point this season. This unexpected harpoon right in the heart seriously shook the psyche of the team. No one expected this loss at that moment, so the shock was great. But it should be known that penalties are part of the game, not a lottery. You have to be prepared for them, because very often matches are decided this way. And Levski was not, as happened against Ludogorets for the Super Cup.

I wish the referee of the game on Sunday would be up to par, and not like their colleagues at the matches at “Nadezhda” and at the Boise garden at the weekend. The defender of CSKA Ivan Turitsov was not sent off for a foul, which is called a tush in the fight. We didn’t even realize that Bulgaria also has a VAR. In the other match, the referee Zhelezov ignored the suggestion of the people in the bus and counted the winning goal of Lokomotiv SF, even after watching it six times on the monitor. And Katsarov’s hand can also be seen from an airplane. And I’m adamant that the referees didn’t make mistakes that are part of the game, they made mistakes on purpose.

I can’t help but pass the topic with the attitude of CSKA fans towards some of the legends of the club. Ugly, shameful work. No one can tell anyone how to make a living! But no one! At the time, Gibbon played for CSKA, but no one said anything. He remains a lefty forever, wherever he is. Like me. I’m sure these whining Army fans can’t even read. Otherwise, they would know who Lyubo Penev, Stoycho Mladenov, Radi Zdravkov are and what they have done for CSKA. I personally do not know what the real CSKA is and whether it does not exist at all. But I see that 95% of people support the team that plays “Bulgarian Army”.

From everything seen so far, it seems that Ludogorets will be champion again. The team did not enter the groups of the Champions League, but it is in the Europa League, and that is still a success. He will be playing games until the New Year, and most likely beyond. It’s just a pity that there are very few Bulgarians in the composition.

We are also waiting for the debut of the national coach Mladen Krastaich. It’s too early for comments, but I can’t help but say that I’m surprised by his first call-ups and especially by the absence of Chochev and Georgi Milanov. The two have both qualities and experience, and they also show quite good games in the championship. At the same time, there are guys in the squad who don’t even play in their clubs. That’s why I think the coach has been told a lot about this first choice.”

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