Emanuela Orlandi – the dirty secret of the Vatican

For 14 years, the missing woman was hidden in a hostel in London, the maintenance was 483 million pounds. When she died, she was brought back to Rome to be buried, a document reveals

The Mafia Banda della Magliana blackmails the Holy See with her to get back the money from the bankrupt Banco Ambrosiano! A friend of boss Pedis personally handed over the “drugged” girl to a clergyman in a black Mercedes

She told a friend that a priest close to Pope John Paul II was “worrying” her

The address is 174-176 Clapham road, London. There is a hostel on site for young women from the Catholic community. According to documents, it is directly connected to the Vatican, as it is managed by the Scalabrini Fathers.

Between 1983 and 1997, for a period of 14 years there, as well as in the nun-run “Institute of St. Marcellina” in Hampstead, lived a girl, for whose stay one of the most powerful ecclesiastical institutions in the world was “kind” to translate 483 million Italian lire (300 thousand dollars in today’s money – note).

The expenses are for food, medical services, including a gynecologist, tuition fees and even trips to England (of his or her visitors, whose names are not given – note). This information appears in a document made public thanks to Italian investigative journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi.

It was obtained from an anonymous informant from the Holy See with the list, in which a certain amount appears against each “need”. This cost him a long legal battle known as Vatileaks 2, as the church establishment fought tooth and nail against the publication of the mysterious report. Moreover, the document concludes that the same girl most likely died in London at the age of 29. The reason for his death and ending up in the hostel remains unclear.

The bombshell – the title of the five-page “cold archive” – ​​is: “Summary of expenses incurred by the Vatican for the activities related to the citizen Emanuela Orlandi”. The alleged author is a cardinal named Lorenzo Antonetti, who died in 2013. The account with the detailed account was addressed to two archbishops, now cardinals, who strongly distanced themselves from the case.

But this document, categorically linked to the Vatican, is the only credible clue to the 1983 disappearance of Emanuela, making it the dirtiest secret of the Catholic underworld.

To this day, no one can say exactly what happened to her, since a corpse is missing. Recently, however, the Roman Catholic Church announced that it was starting a new investigation into one of the most mysterious “evaporations”. And this – despite the fact that all roads lead right to her.

The document with the expenses foreseen for Orlandi even says that not one, but several people were aware of her abduction and fate, but remained silent.

Is a priest involved in Emmanuela’s abduction, read – HERE!


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