Elon Musk rents Dracula’s Castle, raises plum brandy

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, the founder of “Tesla” and recently the owner of “Twitter”, has decided to celebrate Halloween in Romania, and for this purpose he rented Bran Castle in Brasov for a private party, in which a number of other billionaires and Hollywood stars, reports “Libertatya”.

The information was confirmed to the publication by a source close to the organizers of the party.

The newspaper stated that Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, was rented by the company for that night, when Americans celebrate Halloween. Guests are expected to arrive at the castle in the evening after dark, as they do not want to be seen, the quoted source said.

Among those invited to the party were the actress Angelina Jolie, the founders of “Google” Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founder of “Pay Pal” – Peter Thiel, other friends of the billionaire, including Romanians.

Pro TV reports that Musk arrived in Romania yesterday, and his first stop was in the Poiana Brasov resort. There he and the other guests from the group were welcomed with bread, salt and plum brandy, and in the evening a celebration was organized with a campfire and Romanian dances. For this purpose, a tourist lodge was chosen in Poiana Brasov in an isolated area, where guests arrived in minivans.

Details of the event were revealed after some of the guests posted photos on social networks. They wore costumes from the series “War of Thrones” and their faces were covered with masks or painted.

Musk himself posted a message on Twitter last night, in which he wrote: “Freshly baked bread and sweets are one of the great joys in life”, which, according to “Libertatya”, confirms his presence in Poiana Brasov.

Tonight the company will move to Bran Castle, which according to some sources has been booked entirely for “a group of Americans”.

The director of the castle, Alexandru Prisku, said the guest list was confidential and that “there is no official information at the moment”, but noted that “it would not be the first time that famous names attend our events without our knowledge”.


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