Elon Musk details his vision for a paid Twitter

It won’t take long. While Elon Musk got his hands on Twitter for just a few days, the South African businessman has already announced major upheavals in the functioning of the social network. In a series of tweets posted on November 1the CEO listed the changes he wanted to make to the Twitter Blue paid subscription and, in turn, to the business model of the entire platform.

Automatic certification and fewer ads

Until then, Twitter Blue was an optional subscription ($4.99 per month) that offered heavy Twitter users options such as tweet editing or using NFT as a profile picture. Features that did not appeal to many people. Musk wants to turn this subscription offer into a kind of “premium Twitter” that would give access to many more features, including account certification.

Still free for the moment, Twitter certification allows politicians, influencers, journalists and other influential accounts to prove to their communities that it is indeed an official account.

For Elon Musk, there is no reason to reserve this little blue tick for a privileged few. “Twitter’s current model of separating lords and peasants over who gets certification is bullshit“, Nicely specified the businessman, before adding: “Power to the people! Twitter Blue from $8 a month.“In addition to offering automatic certification, the Twitter Blue subscription will allow those who are willing to pay to have fewer ads in their feeds, post longer videos and appear in priority feeds. of discussing. “Twitter will suddenly have a source of income to reward content creators“, also specifies Musk.

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The risk of a two-speed Twitter

In concrete terms, Musk’s idea risks creating a two-speed Twitter, where certified accounts (those who can therefore pay $8 per month) will be able to discuss serenely while being sure of the identity of their interlocutors, while other users will have to be satisfied with a cheap experience.

The CEO specifies that the cost of the subscription will be “adjusted in proportion to purchasing power” in each country and that public figures will still inherit a small label on their profile to prove that it is indeed an official account (a bit like state-affiliated media). Despite this, the proposed changes are still struggling to pass, as evidenced by the many comments that accompany Elon Musk’s tweets.

Beyond the irony of wanting to break caste systems and give power to the people via a paid subscription more expensive than that of Netflix, Elon Musk explains that these developments are also beneficial in the fight against spam and bots. The question of fake accounts has indeed obsessed Musk for a long time and the CEO believes that this switches to a paid model”is the only way to get rid of bots and trolls“, even if it means leaving Internet users who do not have the means to fend for themselves.

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